Monday, October 25, 2010

Swim the Ocean with Disneynature

Disney has taken us previously taken us under the sea with Ariel and Nemo, but Disneynature presents Oceans as a Disney Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu- ray + DVD) as you've never seen the sea before! This film puts you right in the action as whales and dolphins leap through the air, sea lions and sea turtles bask on the beach, and coral reef comes to life. This is not your 5th grade Science class under water doccumentary. The film makers captured mesmerizing footage using the most technologically-advanced equipment that has allowed them to bring this to true high-definition powers! Oh, and in case I haven't reeled you in yet, I'll tell ya that Pierce Brosnan is the ever so captivating narrator.

We sat down and put this movie in and I was fully prepared for a nap, but once the movie started I quickly realized that myself nor my children would be napping. Instead we popped some popcorn and watched the movie in it's entirety. Hubby came in at the end of the movie and got interested in it, so we started it over and watched it again. The kids LOVED it and so did we! It is a great movie and a wonderful way to teach our children why we have to protect our wild life! The DVD had the "Make A Wave" Disney's Friends For Change Music Video Featuring Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato!

This DVD is available now from Disneynature DVD. For more information on this title or other Disneynature or Disney titles, you can click the box art above. To see the Oceans Trailer, click below.

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