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Welcome KARK 4 Today Viewers, Giveaway Listed Here!

As a mother of three, I am constantly looking for new, innovative products that can help me save time and money.  Fortunately, as a mommy blogger, I am lucky enough to work with companies to try out products that will do just that.  I have been asked to review the following items and talk about them on local NBC Affiliate, KARK 4 Today.  If you have come to visit from watching the interview, HI!!  It's nice to have you.  I hope that you enjoy your visit to CrAzY Working Mom.  Bookmark this site, add it to your feed subscriptions and then follow us on Facebook, and Twitter while you're here! At the end of this post, look for details on how YOU can snag one of the reviewed items for yourself!

Now, I present you with THE GOODS:

The Baby B'Air Infant Flight Vest is a vest that straps on your infant much like a life vest that you would use on a boat. It is placed over the child's head, and secured by adjustable straps on both sides under the baby's arms. The third strap comes from behind, between the baby's legs, and buckles to the front with another adjustable strap. The excess straps Velcro neatly to the vest so that there are no loose straps.
Due to FAA regulations, the vest can not be worn during take off or landing. But, once in the air, you simply feed your seat belt through the back of the vest and buckle your belt as normal. During the flight, you can read, eat, or even nap with the convenience that your baby will be securely fastened.

If you're a traveling parent, I would say this is a must have item.  Although the flight attendants may give you grief about wearing it, there is a tag stitched right on the vest stating the FAA regulations stating that it can be worn during cruising altitude, but not during take off and landing.  

This product retails for $34.95 and is available at Baby B'

FRESHHanger is the easy, effective clothes deodorizer that requires no washing or dry cleaning! It is proven 6X more effective than airing out your clothes. By adding Freshhanger to your clothes hanger, you turn your plain ole ordinary hanger into a clothes deodorizer that will keep your clothes fresher longer. It will also prolong the life of your clothes and save time and money because it will reduce the amount of time they need to be washed after each wear.

PhotobucketHow does it work, you ask? The FRESHhanger is made of a specially formulated activated carbon. It is the same material, in fact, that the space program uses to clean air and water!  This carbon absorbs odors from your clothes better than just airing them out.

To use FRESHhanger, you simply slide it over any existing hanger in your closet. It includes date stickers to help you remember what month you placed your garment on the FRESHhanger as they should be changed out every six months.

Another plus that I found to this product is that by adding it to your clothes hanger, it makes your items virtually slip proof! It adds grip to the hanger and makes it stay put! THAT is definitely a time saver for me. Since hubby only pulls out a suit and tie for a funeral or wedding, the FRESHhanger will be a perfect fit for those items in our household. He is also a big hunter, so those things that he refuses to let me wash with the normal laundry so he doesn't go into the woods smelling like clean linen, I can hang his hunting clothes on this product so as not to make the rest of the closet smell of doe urine or dirt.

I know that I've peaked your interest with this product, so here's the scoop: they come in 5, 10, and 20 packs and retail for $14.99, $27.99, and $49.99 respectively. They can be purchased directly from the website,


PhotobucketThe Snack-Trap is a child feeding product (designed for toddlers/kids ages 1-5) that minimizes wasted snacks and saves associated clean up time while promoting the development of self-feeding skills among infants. Consists of an attractive, colorfully imprinted, tip-resistant, handled cup that allows toddlers to grasp and hold the cup themselves with a unique, patent-pending lid with slits that allow toddlers to see and retrieve food with ease themselves but automatically closes when the toddlers remove their hand.

snack trap assortment lids
I have used these products with my youngest two children and I must admit that they beat the plastic baggy hands down!!!  There is virtually no mess with most products when using this product.  Of course, you can get the crumbs or residue from the food sometimes when the cups are turned upside down (and you KNOW they will be!)  I am proud to say that this product was invented by a mom.  Although I'd be more proud to say it was invented by ME, it most certainly was not.  But, I am ever so grateful to  Christine Moss for her invention.

The snack trap now comes with a lid assortment pack ($3.99) that comes with a replacement lid, snap on lid, and sip lid. The sip lid is awesome because it turns ANY stack trap into a spill proof cup for your toddler! So, you'll always have a cup on hand if you've got the snack trap and sip lid accessory!

This product retails for $4.99 and is available at, or at retailers throughout North America and the wonderful folks over at snack trap have extended a 20% discount to the viewers of KARK 4 and readers of CrAzY Working Mom.  Simply enter the discount code:  thanks2010 during check-out and the discount will be applied to the entire order!

Sport-Brella - at the park, beach, pool or campsite, the SKLZ Sport-Brella gives you instant protection from the sun, rain, and wind with its domed shape, side flaps and 125 SPF. Its umbrella action open mechanism allows it to be set up in just three seconds and fits the whole family. Includes top wind vents, side zippered windows for efficient airflow and additional visibility, internal pockets for gear and valuables, convenient carry bag and tethers/ground stakes for use when necessary for additional stability.

This product has an 8" span, and my family of five can fit under it easily for sporting events or a pic nic at the park!  But the best thing about the Sport-Brella is that it only weighs 9 pounds so you can carry it to and from your outdoor event with ease. 

The Sport Brella retails for $69.99 at

BabyBriefcase is a document organizer designed specifically for parents and their babies and toddlers, particularly useful and important for health-related documents. Stylish and charming, the mom-invented BabyBriefcase stores all the documents and information relating to a new baby in a way that makes everything easily accessible whether at a hospital, doctor's office, on vacation or anywhere else. Every document that deals with the new baby has a special place for it in the BabyBriefcase so that if an emergency arises, parents don't have to sort through to find what they need.

When you bring a new baby home from the hospital, I think that all of the paperwork that comes along with it weighs more than the actual baby itself.  The BabyBriefcase can help any mom get organized...not just a new mom!  I have three children and I must admit that sometimes I have a hard time remembering where I put the shot record for one or the birth certificate for another.  This is an easy way to keep it all together.  It fits into most standard sized file cabinets and can accommodate many standard letter-size file folders. It comes with 15 durable letter-size frosted plastic folders in yummy periwinkle, mint green, and peach, 20+ pre-printed and customizable folder categories, a thank you note tracker, 2 baby wallet info cards, framed photo pocket and a convenient pen slot (pen not included).

The BabyBriefcase retails for $29.95.  You can click HERE to purchase.

Do YOU want to win?!?!
Up for grabs:
-(2) Two Baby B'Air Infant Flight Vests - 2 winners
-One Set of five FRESHhangers - 1 winner
-2 Snack Traps & (1) Accessory Package - 2 winners one with accessory and one without,
-One Baby Briefcase - 1 winner

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...if you would like to snag any of these items for yourself, leave me a comment telling me WHICH item you'd like to receive. (One winner per household, please.) If you win one item, you are not eligible for any other items. Please note that due to the size of the Sport Brella, I am unable to ship it so it is not included in the give away.

For additional entries: 
Please be sure to leave each of these in a separate comment, this is important since I will use the random number generator to choose a winner and if you put all of your extra entries in one comment, it will only count as one entry. 

- Follow my blog via Google (in the sidebar).

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- Blog about this contest on your blog. Be sure to leave the link in your comment.

- Follow CrAzY Working Mom on Twitter and Tweet this: 
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- Add my badge to your sidebar or add my link to your blogroll.

- Send an e-mail to five or more of your friends with a link to this post and cc (or bcc if you prefer) me at tishblack (at)

Of course if you already to any (or all) of these, leave me a comment (separate for each entry) and it will count.

If you do not have a blog or facebook, you are still eligible.  Just make sure to leave your contact info in the comment so that you can be notified should you be chosen as a winner.

FYI:  Contest will run 2/15/11 - 3/1/11 midnight CST.  Open to US Residents only.  One winner per household.  Please note that the items for the giveaway have been open/tested and used in the television segment.

Disclosure: I was not paid to appear on TV or review these products. The statements made in this post reflect my personal opinions and not necessarily that of the sponsoring company.  Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. No other form of compensation has been received by myself nor any other member of my family. I did receive free products so I could show them on the program. I was given the option to keep all of the products, however, I am choosing to give them away to my wonderful readers. Shipping them out is my responsibility. That's how much I love ya!

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