Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowed in - plenty of milk and bread, short on patience!!!

Shelby up to her knees in snow!!!
7 - the total minutes I was alone in the bathroom last night as I tried to soak in the bath.  It was not even enough time for the tub to completely fill!  My 2 year old daughter said, "Ewww, Mommy!"  I asked her why she says ewww when I undress and she informed me that I was "gross".  Well, if that's not diet motivation, I don't know what is!

3 - the total days I have been snowed in with my children!!

7 - total inches of blessed snow.

0 - the amount of patience that I have at this point in time!!!  I have to get out of this house today.  Do you hear me?!?!?!  I HAVE to get out!

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The British Homemaker said...

awww kids certainly know how to ''crush'' us eh? tho i think its easier to take from a 2 yr old!! ;)

we had snow for almost 2 months this time last year, oh it drove me nuts after a few days! this year we havent had it but we did in december...which wasn't so bad given it was the run up to Christmas and somehow it was more acceptable!

hope you get out soon, i feel your pain!! :)


Crazy Working Mom said...

@ The British Home Maker: 2 months?!?! SERIOUSLY! I do love my children, but I could never be stuck at home with them for 2 months!!!

By this time next week we'll be nearly 70°, I am relying on this to get me through! *LOL*

Tammy said...

I hate snow too!

Willy said...

1-- The number of nerves that Willy had left after being snowed. Central Arkansas also.

19-4 Willy

Desert Songbird said...

The little ones sure now how to crush our egos, don't they? ;P

I hope you get your 70s soon. They come too quickly here.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I hear ya, Willy!!!

DS, it was in the 70s today!!! WHOO HOO!!! It was absolutely gorgeous! :)

moody mom said...

That is too funny!