Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow Day...AGAIN!!!

Hubby's pancake creation!
I woke up this morning to hubby cooking breakfast! He went to work early this morning, but ended up calling it a day very early on because we started getting snow. It came down very quickly and immediately it started sticking to the roads. Emily and I had gotten up when he did, but we laid back down and fell asleep watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney.

Needless to say we are all snowed in today.  As it stands, the weather guys are predicting we may be snowed in for a few days.  In the northern part of the state of Arkansas, there is already a foot of snow.  Now, that's not much to you northerners, but down here in the south, that is a lot of snow!  We're having a lazy day in our pajamas watching movies.  I made the mistake of letting my hubby pick out movies yesterday, so he came home with five movies...all action flicks!  We're watching S.A.L.T right now, followed by the A-Team.

Emily's trip to the doctor yesterday resulted in an ear infection.  She's on a ten day antibiotic, so hopefully she'll feel better quickly.  Thanks to those of you with kind words and prayers for "the boss". 

Have a great day, y'all!  

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Lisa said...

I don't care where you are, that's a lot of snow. We've been lucky this year, only getting 2-6 on average per storm.. but the storms have seem to come weekly.

Hope the boss is feeling better. Our Megan was just diagnosed with the same thing. Her first time to the doctor that wasn't a scheduled well visit. She's on amox... aka the bubble gum stuff.

Becca said...

Poor Ems! Keep those little early warm and dry!

Desert Songbird said...

I wish I had a husband who could FIND the kitchen, let alone know what to do once got there. Sigh............

I can't believe how much snow Arkansas and Texas have been getting. It's weird. Conversely, our mountain areas are not getting nearly enough, and the ski resorts are hurting. Downright strange winter.

Crazy Working Mom said...

@ Lisa: a lot of snow indeed!
Thanks for the well wishes. Hope your Megan gets better quickly.

@ Becca: She is staying warm and dry. She went out for a short bit today and decided she didn't want to be out there long. *LOL*

@ DS: Hubby is pretty good in the kitchen, just makes a huge mess while he's there.

moody mom said...

Love it!