Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Spam - A Thorn In My Side

PhotobucketThere was a time when I lived for comments, I would check my mail, stats, comments every few minutes.  I wanted a high PR ranking, I wanted to be a top blogger.  I wanted everyone to know my name.  Then along came child number 2 and 3.  So much for that idea!  I no longer have time to sit down at the computer and visit other blogs so why should I expect them to visit me.  Frankly, I don't.  I have contemplated shutting down my blog on several occasions, and then I realized that the whole reason I began blogging in the first place was to document for my friends and family the goings on of my family...the good, the bad, and the extremely crazy!  I had a realization that nothing else really mattered.

Sure, I am like a lot of other "mommy" bloggers.  I like to do the occasional paid post, or product review but I am surely not making a living from it.  There are those of you that are, and that is great!  I have three kids who I have to haul around to and from school, a business to co-manage, church, family, and frankly blogging just doesn't fit into my schedule much anymore.  I do facebook a lot simply because it is quick, mobile, and I can do it on my phone while I'm waiting in the parking lot at school, in the doctor's office waiting room, or even sitting on the toilet (oh, come on - you know you do it too!!!)  I have connected with many bloggers there and still keep up with them. 

PhotobucketThis blog is loaded with comments these days, but not the kind of comments that one would hope for.  They are SPAM comments.  Thankfully my spam filter catches most of them.  A big part of them are inappropriate content for this blog!  But there are those that occasionally slip through.  You know the kind - "Nice blog", or "Great post".  You even get some that will actually leave a comment that might half way look like they read the post.  But, the thing is...IT IS STILL SPAM!!!  It chaps my hide and I can't stand it.

People are being PAID to leave spam on your blog!!!  Did you know that???  It irks me that THEY are making money by leaving comments and back links on MY blog.  It doesn't fly with me and spammers beware that your comments WILL be deleted from this blog so don't waste your time or mine!!!  Don't think you are going to get a free ride from this blog.  It ain't happening...not now, not ever!

*steps off soap box and puts it away*

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...already in progress.

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Linda said...

I'm waiting for you to tell us how many spam comments you get on this post as no doubt, someone will try to leave one!

I had the same comment on seven different posts last night from the exact same person! Luckily I do comment moderation after the first day as I think it snuck by the filter and I would have hated to have to go through all of those posts to remove the spam but I certainly would have!

This chaps my hide, too, but I get the feeling it's never going to change ... and that's too bad because spammers seem more like leeches to me!

Kathy said...

NEVER on the toi toi but I am curious to know just how many bloggers you have met while sitting there ;-)

Sorry, potty humor. At least it isn't spam.

Crazy Working Mom said...

@Linda, I get tons of SPAM on all of my posts these days. They don't read 'em anyhow so it doesn't matter if it says don't post SPAM anyhow. I agree about being leeches. Ick!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

@ Kathy - You always crack me up. You're right...at least it's not spam. ;) Two comments in a row that aren't spam! Whoo hoo, I'm on a roll!!! *LOL*

Have a great day, Ladies!!!

The British Homemaker said...

Well firstly, I'm glad you have decided to carry on blogging! Now i refound you I dont plan on getting lost again! :D

secondly, the fact that you know that i facebook on the loo is worrying.....what you doing in my bathroom?? :P lol


Sandee said...

I spend a lot of time every single day getting rid of spam. I delete them all too. I didn't know they were getting paid to spam the rest of us though. They are worse than leeches. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Hugs. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Completely agree, Sandee! Leeches indeed...*shudder*

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

Turn on captcha for a bit, that seems to help. Then turn it off after a few days. =)