Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DVD Review - Madagascar 2

Move it, move it and put this one on your must see list. This is a hilarious movie! In this sequel the four friends Alex the Lion voiced by Ben Stiller, Marty the zebra voiced by Chris Rock, Melman the giraffe voiced by David Schwimmer, and Gloria the hippo voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith are back and trying to Escape from Madagascar, the island on which we left them in the original movie. Those crazy penguins fix a crashed plane and try to fly them back to New York. Unfortunately penguins can't fly and the plane crashes shortly after take off. As you can probably guess, it lands on a reserve in Africa. It's not just any reserve, however it's the reserve in which Alex was born. We also learn the history of how Alex came to arrive in New York.

Some scenes that I found incredibly funny included the return of the "little old lady" in the subway from the first movie. She just so happens to be touring the reserve in Africa and she and Alex tangle again. He manages to steal her purse and tries to use her cell phone, but unfortunately there's no signal in the African plains. It was a pretty funny scene, and this little old lady proves to be a great comedic addition to this movie. I also loved monkeys, or the penguins "thumbs". The scene where the monkey kisses the penguin is unforgettable. Marty the zebra has some identity issues when he meets this new herd of zebras because they all look (and sound) alike. There is a scene when Alex can't tell Marty apart from the others and he says, "You all look alike". Great line!

This DVD is now available from Paramount Home Entertainment and
Dreamworks Home Entertainment so go out and grab a copy today.

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Desert Songbird said...

I love those penguins.

Anonymous said...

We watched this last night and loved it!I thought it was 20 times better than the first one!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I TOTALLY loved this movie too! The whole family did, including grandparents. It's better than the first one by far but we do still own both because they are hilarious! My next move will be checking out the soundtrack if one exists!

Internet learning program kids said...

I love Madagascar.. I have seen that twice and I find penguins very cute...:)

Tina said...

i havent saw this yet but i want to. the little ones would love it