Friday, January 30, 2009

Space Buddies DVD Review

My niece, Katie is going to be so excited!!! She is a huge fan of Disney's Buddy Series. You know the movies I am talking about, right? The litter of puppies belonging to "Air Bud"? These pups made their debut in Air Buddies and followed up with Snow Buddies. Now these pups are at it again. Grab a helmet and be prepared to blast off into a whirlwind of adventure with Space Buddies, available on Disney DVD Tuesday, February 3! B-Dawg, Mudbug, Budderball, Buddha, & Rosebud return in an adventure of epic proportions sending them all the way to the moon encountering a new friend, Spudnick, a Bull Terrier. The talking dog movies are a hit around our house. We begin each movie the same, "Mommy dogs really don't they?" I explain how lots of things happen in movies that don't happen in real life Once we got past this simple explanation we settled in for the movie.

My kids loved this movie and I must admit that I am a fan of the buddies myself.  Mudbug is my favorite pup.  This little guy always gets dirty.  In his opening scene, he comes in the house covered in mud, jumps on a white house in a perfectly clean home and begins "the shake".  You know what I'm talking about, the one that dogs do when they're wet.  This slings mud from one side of the room to the other much to the dismay of his human mother.  Each pup has their own personality and this makes for a great story line and some witty dialogue. 

The DVD is loaded with some wonderful extras.  We enjoyed the bloopers.  I have always been a big fan of the blooper reel in any movie.  One of my all time favorite television shows was the bloopers show.  I wonder why that doesn't come on anymore?!  You can also turn on a "pop up video" type feature and see facts and info about the movie as you watch it.  But, I don't recommend this feature if you have small children like mine who can't read because it gets tiring really fast keeping them in the loop!

All in all this would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for your children.  So, while you're out shopping for candy and goodies to send for the class party, grab a copy.  Let me know what you and your children thought of it after you watch it.  I'd love to know if you liked it as well as we did.  To find out more about this Disney DVD, as well as special downloads, photo, and video galleries click here.

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