Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

I have a younger brother who was a huge fan of Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers growing up. I've watched my fair share of Power Rangers in my day believe you me! Now that my 3 year old son, Tyler is starting to take an interest in the series I'm having to fill in this 15 year gap that I have not watched. I must admit that the Power Rangers of today are much different than the ones that I remember from back in the beginning. The Jungle Fury is the 16th season of the television series aired on Toon Disney. I remember there used to be a red, yellow, pink, & green ranger. Now there are a whole new cast of rangers such as the wolf and rhino rangers. In this series, I've learned all about Dai Shi and Camile, the evil nemesis of the Rangers as well as Solar Morphers, Battle Claws, Junglechucks, Shark Sabers, and the many more weapons in the arsenal of the rangers. The only bad thing about Tyler watching The Power Rangers is that he likes their moves and tries to morph himself into a Cheetah and chase the dog or his siter around the house. This does not usually end well. The Power Rangers: Jungle Fury Into The Jungle and Way of the Master are available on DVD today. If you have a Ninja in training for a son this would be a great addition to his collection. Just make sure the dog and siblings steer clear of him while he's learning the Ninja moves!

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