Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last Song on DVD and Blu-Ray

PhotobucketAvailable today on Blu-ray™ Hi-Def Combo Pack and DVD from Touchstone Home
Entertainment: The Last Song starring Disney's very own Miley Cyrus, A/K/A Hannah Montana and Greg Kinnear (Oscar®
nominee, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, As Good As It Gets, 1997, Little Miss Sunshine, You've Got Mail). If you're raising a teenage daughter, knows someone who is raising a teenage daughter, or face raising a teenage daughter in your future I would highly recommend this one! It is an emotional roller coaster. As the movie begins, Miley's character Ronnie is a complete and total spoiled brat who back talks her father and is mean to just about every single person she comes across. She's harsh and rude. As events unfold in the movie we learn why she has hardened her heart just as it begins to soften up. It is a great "coming of age" movie, to be very cliche. It will probably make you cry...well, it made ME cry. It is an awesome movie. I have not read the book, so before you ask me how different it was, I cannot say. The screen play was written by best selling novelist and screen writer Nicolas Sparks who also wrote The Notebook!

Bonus Features for The Last Song:

• Set Tour with Bobby Coleman – Audiences will have an all access pass to see how a
film is made through the eyes of the new up-and comer and star of The Last Song,
Bobby Coleman. This rambunctious eight-year old will bring his fans along as he
does everything from interview Adam Shankman and Miley’s security team, to
going on a seashell scavenger hunt.

• Making of the Music Video, “When I Look At You” with Miley Cyrus – Go behind-
the-scenes of the music video, “When I Look At You”. It will feature recording studio
footage, b-roll from the set, interviews with Miley and crew, clips from the film and music
video. Audiences will learn how the film’s motif, southern summer romance, is
incorporated into feel and theme of the music video.
• Miley Cyrus Music Video: “When I Look At You”

Blu-Ray Exclusive
• Alternate Opening Sequence: The Church Fire (With optional commentary by
• Deleted Scenes (With optional commentary by director)
o Ronnie At The Piano
o Steve & Ronnie At The Beach
o Hospital Montage
o Vegan Cookies
o Juggling On The Pier
• Audio Commentary– with Director Julie Anne Robinson and Co-Producer Jennifer

This titles hit the shelves today, so go grab some popcorn and junior mints (Hey, don't knock it 'till you try it!) and don't forget the tissue. Enjoy!

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