Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mommies Don't Have Mommies!!

On Sunday night, Mother's Day as I tucked my 4 year old son, Tyler into bed I thanked him for the best Mother's Day ever.  I told him that I was so lucky to have a wonderful son like him and how much I thank God every day for my blessings.  As we prayed, we thanked God for my Mom (his Nanny) and my Mother-in-Law (his Memaw).  Afterward, he boldly stated, "Mommies don't have mommies!!"

I explained to him that my mommy was Nanny.  He laughed and said, "She can't be your mommy, she's my nanny!!"

I tried to explain exactly how it was possible.  My mom had me, then I had him so that made her my mom and his nanny.  He just laughed and said, "No!  She's just my nanny not your mommy."

I laughed and the exchange began between us "No she's mine - No mine!"

Tyler then proclaimed that he knew who my mom was and it was not Nanny 'cause she was his.  My mom is...Aunt Lulu (My sister, Mandy!).  Although I couldn't wait to tell her this, I could not explain to a four year old the fact that I was born before her so there was no way possible that she was my mommy.

It reminded me of all the times we were younger and people would ask who was the oldest and we would make them choose.  They would always think she was older and I hated it!  Now (three kids later) I only wish people still thought I was the youngest!  

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Anonymous said...

Mommies don't have mommies... Oh the workings of our childrens' minds!


Shutterbug8162 said...

Priceless memory!

Anonymous said...

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Desert Songbird said...

My kids are older than yours, and they still have trouble sometimes with the familial relationships. For the longest time, my son assumed that because I had the same last name as his dad that that made me a blood member of that family. Then he assumed that MY sister was also part of his dad's family. I think he finally understands the differences. :)

I grew up the youngest of five girls, and I was ALWAYS someone's baby sister. It wasn't until I moved out here that people didn't know me for being someone's sister. I got be known for ME!