Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blessed Mother's Day

PhotobucketI cashed in part of my mother's day yesterday!  I got a pedicure and some acrylic nails.  I love to get pedicures.  I like to wear sandals and flip flops in the summer, and I think feet are just gross so I like to keep mine looking at least  presentable.  But, I don't usually have "fake nails".  It's hard to diaper kids, cook dinner, pick your nose, etc with them.  (Just kidding about that last part, m'kay!)  But since it was a gift, I had to go get them.  I like feeling all pretty and girly again.  Although it's very hard to type and text with them.  I had to cut them down when I got home 'cause I realized real quickly that they were way too long.  So, I cut them down to "mom-size" instead of mistress size like they were. I got the pink nails with white tips and I think they look really pretty. I also got cute little flowers painted on my big toes.  I also got some tanning visits as a gift and I've been cashing those in as well.  I had a blessed weekend spending Saturday with my mom and sisters and Sunday with my mother-in-law (who I consider a second mom).  I am so blessed to have two wonderful, loving mothers to care for me.  I know that I an always count on them to be there when I need them and that means more than anything!  I hope that some day my three babies can say the same thing!

Mother's Day 2010 with my babies!

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Amanda said...

That's awesome Tichia!!! Proud of you for doing something for YOU! I confess that pedis and manis are a guilty indulgence of mine...every couple of months I MUST get them...if not sooner. Mistress size nails...that cracks me up!! :)) Love hearing about your days and really love the look of those nails and toes!! :)

Webblogirl said...

sometimes we have to treat ourselves..lovely kids you have and love those nail colors! lol!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day Tisha!