Monday, May 10, 2010

Miley Can't Be Tamed and Should Be Ashamed!!

PhotobucketMy 7 year old daughter has been a Disney fan all of her life.  It comes to her honest.  Before she was even a twinkle in my eye, I collected Disney VHS tapes.  There was something about the magic of Disney that always enchanted me.  Shelby has grown with Disney, from Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh to The Suite Life, Sonny With A Chance, and Hannah Montana.  What I've always enjoyed about Disney is that I could turn it on and not have to worry about monitoring what my children were being exposed to.  The messages were positive and I've been known to enjoy watching the shows myself.  When we learned that Hannah Montana was going to be a thing of the past, it was disappointing, but truthfully not a surprise to me.  Miley can only be a "girl" for so long.


I was, however shocked to see her break out video for her new song, "Can't Be Tamed".  I will not post a link to it here because it is completely and totally against anything I EVER want my children to see.  It is disgusting and immoral.  I cannot believe that her father would let such a travesty ever be produced.  She is still under age (17!!).

It is sad to see one of Disney's brightest and most talented young stars go from being Hannah Montana, to a freakishly large bird in a cage (doing things that no young lady should be doing) who "Can't Be Tamed".

As for me and my house...we will NOT support the new Miley.  Next time she comes to town, there will for sure be two empty seats that could have otherwise been filled by my daughter and I.  But, then again who wants to watch a 17 year old girl pole dance anyhow?!

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Stephanie McInturff said...

OMG! I haven't seen the new video but the pic alone is scary.... Thanks for the post!

tatess said...

my 11 yrs old son is also a big fan of Miley and i don't want him to see this song either.

Tammy said...

I youtubed the video and MAN that is wild! There is no way that is appropriate for kids. For shame Miley! I link to this post on A Little Girl Talk.

Amanda said...

Thank you for NOT posting the video...I have not yet seen it, but I could see the little clues over the past few years that Miley was metamorphisizing into a typical Hollywood sad. Will we see her doing things like Lindsay Lohan does nowadays in a few more years? I hope not. Shame on her family, yes!