Monday, April 13, 2009

DVD Review - Tigger, Pooh, & A Musical Too

Rabbit:  Can anyone around here follow rules?

Tigger:  No offense long ears, but your fules aren't very fun to follow, if you follow me!

I feel like Rabbit so much of the time!!!  The poor guy is just trying to keep some order and peace in the hundred acre wood.  After he tries with no success to govern the hundred acre wood, he decides to draw a line right down the center and let Tigger be the mayor of the other side who declares the first rule to be "Anyone can bounce anywhere and anytime"!  Poor Piglet ends up getting his house split right through the center.  "Oh, Ddddear!"  The adventure is only beginning with the splitting of the hundred acre wood.  The DVD is packed with wonderful songs and teaches a wonderful message about family and friendship.  My kids loved this one, and I didn't mind sitting down with them and watching it either.  Disney has outdone themselves again!  Here is a clip of my favorite song:  Just a warning, though it will get stuck in your head and you will find yourself humming it later on.  Don't blame me, I warned ya.  For more information on this Disney DVD, click the box art above. For more information about other Disney movies, click here

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Anonymous said...

You should give me a holler when these come out,I miss them most of the time until I see them on your site,I am SO behind.We still havent seen bedtime stories yet...