Friday, August 10, 2012

Scentsy Family Company, The Opportunities Are Endless!!

Scentsy has done what no other direct sales company has ever done by creating a mother company, with 3 brands (each with it's own unique opportunity) with ONE DOWNLINE & Commission Check! We still strive to keep things SIMPLE though. One, two or three ways to make your dreams come true! You can choose one, two or all three brands to sell!  I signed up to sell Scentsy in May thinking that it would be a way for me to buy it for myself since I LOVE the product so much, but little did I know that I had many friends and family who also felt the same way.  Since then I have never regretted the decision to sign up for Scentsy and I have met many great people along the way from all over the country!

I made a jump into the Grace Adele fashion line when  I started seeing the products.  I cannot wait to start carrying around my Grace Adele bag and when folks compliment me I can tell them exactly what the product is and how they can get in on the ground floor of an exciting up and coming fashion line by purchasing a bag for themselves, hosting a party (and getting one for free or 1/2 price), or signing up to sell them!  To learn more about Grace Adele and what we have to offer, you can click here to go to my Grace Adele website.  Click a color on the Pick My Bag Color section to begin the selection process.  Take a look at all of the many different options available with each style.  You can customize the color of your bag, and then add a clutch to the front of the bag making it a whole new bag.  You can keep the same bag and change out clutches!  How awesome is that?!?  I can't even tell you how excited I am about this new line!  If you're interested in purchasing, shopping, selling, etc.  Please feel free to contact me and I will help you in any way possible. 
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Lisa said...

Hi, Trish! I had no idea you were a Scentsy gal, too! I am a Lead Consultant for Scentsy. I haven't done well with Velata, and I just can't bring myself to fork out the dough to enroll for Grace Adele! I will be intersetd to hear how it works for you. Best of luck, hope you and your family are well!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. My name is Tish (no R). I didn't sign up for Velata, although I think it's an awesome product, I just don't really think I have a market for it here. Grace Adele, I believe will be easy to sell. I don't know how many times I get complimented on my purse and folks will ask where I got it, I can sell to them when they ask! I am really looking forward to the opportunity. I used my Scentsy Earnings to get the starter kit. So, we'll see where it leads. :D