Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 4 Year Old Co-Sleeps With An Elephant!

As I made my nightly "last peek" of my children before I headed to bed, I found quite a sight when I looked in on my youngest, Emily who will soon turn 4.  I got a chuckle and I thought maybe you would too, so I am sharing here.

If you'll notice, Emily is fast asleep in the floor and one of her stuffed elephants has gladly taken her place in the bed!  This is my idea of co-sleeping!  When we'd try to let our kids sleep with us, even our king sized bed, I always ended up out of the bed, usually not on the floor, however on the couch.

 Oh my little Emily!  In ten years she may be using this trick to sneak out of the window!!!

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kellie | sunwear for kids said...

I gotta say your daughter is a sweet child! I cant wait for my baby to grow and experience seeing something like this. Its overwhelming! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Princess Snifflefritz usually sleeps on top of her giant teddy bear or her giant stuffed penguin

Dayngr said...

Too cute! She must be a very sweet little girl to give up a nice warm bed to her Ele!