Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Duck Tape T-Shirts

Today the kids and I decided to get crafty.  It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.  ;)

We got this idea from some very creative church friends who made these shirts for church camp and then again during VBS.  We loved the idea and the kids loved them.  You start out with a dark solid color tee shirt, roll of duck tape, a few paper towels, a piece of cardboard, and a spray bottle filled with bleach. 

You duck tape an emblem or design on the shirt.  We chose crosses.  But, if you're creative and crafty, you can do almost anything!  You tape the design on the shirt and place a piece of cardboard on the inside of the shirt to keep it from soaking through to the back.  Take the spray bottle of bleach and lightly cover the shirt.  Make sure to dab the duck tape with a paper towel so that when you hang it to dry you don't get a drip down from the tape.

Hang the shirt to dry and once it's dry you can remove the tape from the shirt and you've got an awesome design from the bleach.

This is our finished product. 
We decided to take it a step further and add names to the back of the shirts.  We waited until they had mostly dried on the front which didn't take too long in 100+ degree heat.  I found some project board letters that we'd used during the school year last year for Shelby and used those to make names on the back.
Emily's shirt before getting bleached.
It was a quick, easy mid-morning project and the kids enjoyed it and their shirts are just as different as they are! Here is the finished project.
The finished project.

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Rosie said...

that is such an awesome idea!! thanks!