Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School - With LOTS of Pictures

Today is the day that most parents and kids alike look forward to...back to school.  I must admit that I had mixed emotions about the day due to the fact that this was the first summer that I got to actually stay at home with the kids and spend the entire summer with them.  We moved our office back home last year so I work from home now and when the older kids were out of school, I saw no need in sending Emily to daycare every day.  So, we all four enjoyed our days at home.  We had a great routine and it worked perfectly.  Of course there were days when I'd look at the calendar and count down the days until school started back, but for the most party we enjoyed our summer.

Tyler, Shelby, & Emily
Last week we got everything we needed for back to school including clothes and supplies.  We were all pretty excited and I started getting mixed emotions.  I realized that I really enjoyed spending time with them at home, going out to do fun things, and sleeping in!  I quickly came to the conclusion that those would be a thing of the past when school started back.

This morning all three kids woke up excited and ready to conquer the day.  Emily was going back to her preschool/daycare.  She was excited that she'd be in a new class and starting a new adventure with old friends.

Emily was ready to go!
There she goes! 
Tyler was going back to Kindergarten this year, so I knew it would be tough on him since there would probably be other kids there who would be nervous and crying since it was their first time in school.  Of course this morning when it was time for pictures, he was all smiles!
Tyler getting ready to go to Kindergarten.
There he goes!
Of course Shelby was super excited about going back to school.  She starts 3rd grade this year and it will also be her last year at Elementary school.  She was excited about getting back to school to see her friends, many of whom she didn't get to see this summer!

Shelby getting ready to head out to 3rd Grade!
There she goes!

So, they were all ready to head out the door and I snapped a group photo of them before we did:
Ready to conquer the world!

I will post how drop off and pick up went tomorrow.  Hopefully pick up will be better than drop off.  I will just let you know that this morning I did not leave the school parking lot before having a melt down in the car.  It was rough...

Stay tuned tomorrow for the adventures of CrAzY Working Mom - Back To School Part 2!

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Lisa Baldwin said...

I know what you mean they grow up so fast. My oldest is going to be a junior this year and my youngest is a 6th grader middle school. It makes me so sad! Mine don't start school until next Monday and I'm taking the whole day off so I can take and pickup my youngest from school. I'm sure I'm going to have a huge melt down also! Before I know it mine are going to be all grown up and in college

Akelamalu said...

Well they all look happy enough at the prospect! :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Best of luck to you Lisa! Every year it's tough for me...watching them grown is such a blessing but knowing that someday I am going to miss this makes it even harder to accept!

I think they were all excited, Akelamalu!! But in that last picture Tyler doesn't look so sure! LOL Think maybe he was just tired of pictures by then. ;)

moody Mom said...

Very cute and I am so jealous. You guys don't have to wear uniforms?