Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tyler's 6th Birthday

Yesterday was Tyler's actual birthday.  We spent the day getting school clothes, shoes, etc.  We are now outfitted and supplied for school, which begins on Monday, August 15 for our children.  I don't know who is more excited, Mom or the kiddos.  ;)

Since yesterday was his birthday, we saved his "big" gift and a few others for yesterday and didn't give them to him at his party.  One of them was a cowboy hat that he'd been asking for every time we shopped at our favorite store, Hays.

All smiles in his new cowboy hat!
He opened his new hat and then he got another package that had some t-shirts in it.  He seemed very excited.  He had spent his birthday money at Wal-Mart so he was a bit preoccupied with opening those packages and playing with them.  When we asked him if he was happy with what he got and he replied, yes.  Shelby (his big sister) knew that he had a bicycle somewhere.  That and the cowboy hat were the only things he'd asked for.  She asked him if he got "everything" he wanted.  He never said anything.  Brien said that he wasn't throwing a fit because he didn't get everything he wanted and he relied, "No, but I'm about to".  So, before we had a fit throwing, we lead him out to the laundry room where his bicyle awaited him along with a new fishing pole! 
The new bike and fishing pole!
Racing by on his new bicycle!
Tyler posing with his new bike, cowboy hat, and tennis shoes!
At the end of the day, we had a birthday dinner at Casa Brava, our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Tyler was adamant about me telling them it was his birthday because he wanted them to sing to him and put whipped cream on his face.  That is their birthday tradition.  We enjoyed a nice dinner with his grandparents.  He took a minute to pose with his "most bestest momma" right before
 THIS happened!!!
Yes, I was creamed!!!  Tyler crawled under the table and wrapped himself around the table legs.  He would NOT come out.  The waitress said that they had to do someone, so being a loving a caring mom, I stepped up to the plate!  Yup, they sang Happy Birthday to Tyler (under the table) and creamed his momma!  It was all in good fun, but I did get it in my nose and ear!  LOL  I think they used a whole can on my face!  The good thing is that Tyler shared his dessert with me.  What a guy! 

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Becca said...

I love those cowboy hat / bicycle pictures. It looks like a happy little man!

moody Mom said...

That is too funny! What a great mom!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks, Bec! Me too!
He was very happy.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I AM a great Mom, huh MM?! I mean, Dad just sat over there laughing while this all took place. Hmmmpfh! Paybacks...he has a birthday coming up. ;)