Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Fun Activities and Ideas - (Contest Closed)

"Mom, I'm bored!!!"  Those are the most dreaded words a mom can hear anytime, but even more so during the summer months.  This year will be the first year all three of my children will be home all summer.  In the past we've had an office outside of the home and I would work there, taking the oldest child while the other two continued daycare through the summer months.  Since we've moved our office back into our home, I am presented with the challenge of how to keep my kids occupied so that I can accomplish what I need to on a daily basis both in the office and in our home.

I have always loved a good challenge and decided to present YOU, the readers of CrAzY Working Mom with the ultimate challenge of helping me come up with fun, inexpensive, and creative ways for us to enjoy these long summer days!  What are some things that your family has enjoyed in the past?  From arts and crafts, to outdoor activities, bring 'em on!  Your ideas may be featured here, and there will be prizes for the one with the best ideas that my kids love the most.  Details on the prize pack to come later.

Since you are giving ME ideas on how to enjoy summer, I thought it only fair that I give back to you! So, for those of you who leave me ideas in a comment, you will be entered to win a $25 Wal-Mart gift card! This way you can put your ideas to work for your own summer fun! How does that sound?! We will run this contest for the month of June. If you want to Tweet/Facebook this post leave the links in a comment and you will be entered for every time you tweet/FB (once daily)! Please remember to make sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner.

So, leave your suggestions in the comments.  We look forward to hearing them.

Contest is now closed.  Winner chosen here.

20 comments, add yours here:

Becca said...

I don't think I have any ideas of things you wouldn't already do. Maybe you could have a calendar up with a fun activity for each day. Lots of arts and crafts, Water gun games, frisbee, park. Maybe movie time at a set time each day that will give you some time to work? Make or do something for someone special once a week? Like one week the kids could help in making cookies and you could deliver them to some of your family/friends? It promotes the art of giving! I know it would be hard with Emily, but if you could do some chores to earn doing something special (like bowling) that could be a help around the house. I'll keep thinking. :) That's right, I don't have kids. haha.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great idea, Bec! I LOVE the reward idea with a points system or something of the sort!! Keep 'em coming.

We have to start the summer cleaning clutter from bedrooms. {Begin Sarcastic Font} THIS should be fun! {End Sarcastic Font}

Callie Ann said...

here I am coming by to visit an old friend...seems I need your ideas... I am now raising 2 kids my grandkids... 3 and 5 years old.... my daughter the mother has ran off...ain't it stupid... goona catch way up on this stuff. We need stuff to do..

Holly Moreno said...

A daily routine I believe is best. Just like at daycare and school. Have a time to for them to enforce what was learned. Maybe reading and Shelby could read to Emily. Or make it a library time, and all share stories.
Get some "costume clothes" old hats a tie dress hats props, and have them come up with their own show to perform for you and Brien at the end of the week. comedy, something learned at bible school that week. maybe let them make lunch- sandwhiches they can put it together and set up the table . Art work is always good too. washable markers. print off sheets online to color, trace, or whatever captivates them.
Picnic lunches, backpack of water and snacks and a little hike around riverside park. Sprinklers are usually another safe activity.
chuck-e-cheese club offers coupons and reward sheets for x-tra tokens.
they also have check chore lists too. Gives them a little incentive.
take advantage of the library story hours.

Hope that gives a bit of help.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Callie, hopefully there will be LOTS of great ideas on this post before all is said and done!! You can do it. Those grandbabies need you and you will be a great granny-Mom for them!! ♥ ya. You know I'm always here if ya need me. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

GREAT ideas, Holly! They LOVE picnics. We have done that many times. :)


Mami2jcn said...

We'll be spending time at the pool, doing some homeschooling (so they don't forget what they learned when they go back to school in the fall), visits to the library, and free bowling.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Kelly said...

My kids like to hit the Children's Movies at Searcy Cinema 8. Although it isn't my favorite place to go, it is a nice, cool activity for summer. They show movies every Wednesday and Thursday. The movies are cheap ($1 or $2) and they can get a drink and popcorn for $1 each. Although there are some movies I don't think are suitable for my children, most of them are great!!

Moody Mom said...

Girl, I wrote a entire blog on it last year. I will link it to my name but some of them where:
1. Peabody Park Splash Fountain at Riverfront Park.
2. Camp out in the back yard.
3. Game night, puzzle night or movie nights are always fun. Don’t forget the popcorn.
4. Visit your local library. Let the kids check out books or attend one of the many free library events.
5. Buy the ingredients and have a ice cream social. YUMMY!
6.Have a pizza bar in your own house

The Barnum's said...

Clinton Library...learn about Arkansas History, a former president AND Elvis...all kids know the music of Elvis! And downtown is such a learning experience all on its own!

Lora @ Motherhood Moments said...

My life-saver idea this summer is having memberships at several places. We have a zoo membership, a Discovery Center membership and pool passes, plus we have free things like the library and parks. Between all that, it's easy to say "yes" to all the fun things they want to do!

lora at mortier dot org

Antigone said...

We walk to the park and our library during the summer, as well as go to the weekly free morning movie. But my kids' more favorite things include:
1. Making kool-aid play-dough
2. "Science day." I buy a big chunk of dry ice from one of our local grocery stores. Then the kids and I make spoons "scream with it" and other cool experiments with it. I usually make gak/slime or oobleck (a not quite liquid-not quite solid)with them on this day.
3. Spice day. We delve into the pantry and taste the different spices. I'll make Russian tea with them and have a tea party following it.
4. Bubbles: if I'm feeling indulgent, we'll fill a small kiddie pool with a home-made bubble solution. Last year we made a few of our own bubble wands. My daughter really liked it.

Hope these are helpful! Have a great summer!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Awesome ideas!!! Keep 'em comin' guys! Thanks. :)

Melanie Sparks said...

buy each of them a craft project at walmart. they have something each of your kids would like to make/decorate. go for a "nature walk". see how many different things they can find: butterflies, leaves, trees, etc.. cabot fun factory is pretty cool. have them make treats for people in your church and deliver them

Angelene said...

Some of things we love to do in the summer are: swimming, camping, sleeping out on the tramp and watching movies outside at night.

angukena at yahoo dot com

Angelene said...

I posted on fb!/angukena/posts/185927238128343

angukena at yahoo dot com

Tammy said...

We like to plan one fun thing a day just to keep the kids from getting bored and driving us batty. LOL Here are some fun things we do.
1. Fishing
2. Pool
3. Catching fireflies
4. Campfire and making smores
5. Nature walk
6. Picnic
7. Library
8. Drive-in
9. Play date with friends/family
10. Movie night at home
11. Family bike rides
12. Making homemade ice cream
13. Watergun fights

katrina Brady said...

Set up a tent in the backyard. The kids pretend to camp, have a fort or castle.

We also like to ride bikes

Have a weiner and marshamellow roast over the firepit

sweetpeg at gmail dot com

Stephanie said...

I'd say try to stick to some sort of a daily schedule, where meals, snacks, and activities are at certain times each day and night. Perhaps, you could have two or three nights a week where it's a family game night. Have a rotation of who gets to choose which type of game is played.

Lesley Mitchell said...

Here's a few things we like to do:

We go on letterboxing adventures - this fun activity is like geocaching but you don't need a GPS unit - just your imagination! Boxes are hid nationwide and are fun to find with clues from

We take the kids bowling and only pay for shoe rental through the program.

We take the kids to see $1 movies at Cinemark theaters. (The Summer Movie Clubhouse program is nationwide - go to for more information.)

The kids read and earn free books through Barnes & Noble and Borders, both of which have summer reading programs.

We also take the kids to free clinics and workshops offered by Lowe's, Home Depot, Michaels and Lakeshore Learning Centers.

We go to the public library each week and participate in the summer reading program there!

We go to parks, playgrounds and bike rides near our house; often we take picnic lunches.

We enjoy potluck picnics/barbecues in the park with other frugal families!