Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School's Out!

PhotobucketToday is the first official day that I am working from home with all three kids. So far it's great...they are still sleeping! I am going to try getting up with the boss (hubby) leaves to go to work. This should give me a few hours to get office work completed while they are asleep. Of course there will be times when I have to do office work after that time frame, but the majority of the necessary work can be completed during their sleep time. (fingers crossed)

Shelby ended the school year on the A-B Honor Roll for all 4 Nine weeks! I am very proud of her. She was promoted to 3rd Grade. Along with her class, she is also a published author now. In fact, after the awards ceremony last week, the parents were invited to an author's tea party where the children revealed their published books and were able to read their stories to us. Here are a few photos from the awards ceremony and author's tea:

2nd Grade Book of Fairy Tales
Shelby's story and artwork

PhotobucketTyler ended the year with water day, and oh what fun he had! They rotated to 5 different stations and got to do all sorts of activities involving water. Thankfully the weather held out and it didn't rain on them. It also wasn't miserably hot like I remembered it being during Shelby's Kindergarten water day.  Tyler's class began with a relay.  It was boys versus girls as they put on rubber duckie floaties and ran around a cone and back. The boys dominated in this challenge.  Next up was the bubble station.  The boys tended to migrate to chasing the bubbles that the girls were making.  The third station was popcicles and sidewalk chalk.  This was our halfway point, so popcicles were very welcomed!  The fourth station was sponge relay.  The kiddos were to take a sponge full of water to a bucket, but they had to hold the sponge of water over their heads and squeeze it in the bucket.  The team with the most water in their bucket at the end was the winner.  This was Tyler's favorite and where I got some great shots of him running, like the "hulk face" shot you see below.  The final station was a wading pool filled with water.  The kids were to step in and grab out various sea life sponges with their toes.  Unfortunately by the time we got to this station many other dirty toes had been in it so the water was gross and there wasn't much water left.  This didn't seem to bother the kids in the least, however!  They still enjoyed and had a wonderful day over all.  Here are a couple of photos from Kindergarten water day:

Chasing Bubbles

Tyler's Running "Hulk Face"

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