Sunday, June 05, 2011

My kid ran half naked through JC Penney...NOT KIDDING!!!

I can't believe it's taken me three days to blog about this!!!  The kids and I went to run errands on Thursday.  We had to go to the bank, post office, pick up dry cleaning, etc.  These things are normally easy, quick things when it's just me.  However, having three children you have to buckle, unbuckle, etc. makes it a bit more difficult.  Thankfully, our dry cleaners have a drive through and so does the bank.  We only had to go in at a couple of places.  We also had to make a trip to Wal-Mart and JC Penney.   I had to buy the kiddos some new clothes.  They all needed shorts.  With these 100° + temperatures, capris just won't cut it with the girls.

PhotobucketAs we were going through Wal-Mart, I found myself repeating over and over again, "leave her alone, stop kicking him, quit it, be nice".  I think that next time we have an outing, I will put that on a loop and just let it continuously play for them for I surely sounded like a broken record to those poor souls shopping around me.  :(

To say that they got me frustrated in Wal-Mart is a serious understatement.  Against my better judgment we went on to JC Penney.  Hind sight says I should have just gone home and waited another day for clothes shopping.  I will just tell you that this is how our shopping trip ended.  We were in the dressing room letting Emily try on some shorts.  She is at that in between size.  Most things she has to have a 3T, but when it comes to shorts, some 24 months or 2Ts fit her.  I had one of each size, or so I thought, when we went in there.  As it turns out I had two 3Ts.  I sent Shelby right outside the fitting room where the Toddler section was to grab another pair - the 2Ts that would hopefully fit her since the 3Ts were falling off her.  When she was gone for a while, and the rack was right outside the dressing room, I should have just gotten Emily dressed and taken both of the younger kids out with me.  But, I didn't...

I told my five year old son, Tyler to watch Emily so that I could step out and grab the shorts.  He was playing Angry Birds on my phone.  Apparently someone called my phone, so he thought he needed to leave the dressing room and come find me. Instead of finding me, he was walking around in another section - the baby section and guess who was running around the store in her panties and t-shirt?!  Yup, two year old Emily had escaped!!!

It was at this point in time that as a "mommy blogger" I was thinking, this is great blogging can't make this stuff up and anyone with children will appreciate this, but right now I sure wish I was reading this on someone else's blog and it was not happening to me!!!  I chased her down and hung up on the person who had called (sorry Aunt G.) and corralled up the children back into the dressing room!!  I got Emily dressed and we left with the few items that we had previously chosen.

As we checked out in the front of the store, I had all three children sitting on the floor by the check out line and the cashier commented on how well behaved my children were.  HAH!  I'll bet the ladies back in the toddler section would beg to differ, I know I sure do! 

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Desert Songbird said...

When your kids are young, there just is no easy way to take them shopping. There is one very famous story in our family, though, that gets repeated often. Even now that my kids are 12 and 15, they still pay attention to the lesson! When my now 15yo daughter was about three (and I was several months pregnant with my son), we were in the grocery store just before her naptime. She had a very regular routine of napping at 10AM and 2PM, and after her 2PM nap, she insisted on drinking her milk. This particular afternoon, we were out of milk, so I wanted to make a quick trip to the grocery store. She started fussing because she was sleepy, and I told her that it would be a quick trip, but if she kept fussing, we would leave and not buy the milk. Sure enough, she kept crying and whining, so we left the store without buying any milk. After her nap, she woke up wanting her milk. I told her we didn't have any, and she started crying. I reminded her that it was HER FAULT that we had to leave the store without the milk, and she got very sober. Fast forward three years, and her brother started the same fussing in the store. She quickly said to her brother, "Stop crying, baby boy, or Mama will make us leave! She means it!" Now they NEVER piss me off when we're shopping!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh DS, that cracked my stuff up!!! Thanks for the laugh.

Twisted Cinderella said...

LOL. I feel for you. Shopping at my house with two toddlers and a nine year old, is always an adventure!

Moody Mom said...

Now that is funny!