Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Severe Weather in Central Arkansas

Living in central Arkansas, there are a few things you can be sure of and one of them is the weather.  Tornadoes will occur in the springtime.  One thing you can never count on is when and where.  We knew we had a severe risk of bad weather yesterday.  We rushed through dinner and baths so that we could be prepared for the worst while we prayed for the best.  I have learned that my middle child, who is now five has my nervous tenancies about storms.  Shelby, the oldest who is now 8 is a lot like her dad.  She's pretty laid back and usually falls asleep once we seek shelter in the hallway.  The youngest just thought we were playing games as we gathered pillows, blankets, flashlights, cell phones, and the likes. 

PhotobucketAs our favorite weather man was warning folks in our town to turn up our television and seek shelter in a safe place I know my son could sense the nervousness in his mom even though I try to hide it.  I don't usually do a very good job of it!  He was nervous as well. 

Once we were safe in the hallway listening to the live coverage, my son asked if we could pray.  Praying seems to calm him, and it was a great distraction from the heavy rain and wind that was beginning to fall outside.  After we prayed, he said, "Mom, if you die in the storm, I just want to die with you.  I couldn't live without you!"

Praise the Lord that the storms went all around us (once again!).  Prayer is powerful not only to calm nerves, but to calm storms as well.  There were many in the state that were not so lucky.  Our prayers are going out to those around the state who have lost homes, property, and lives.  Thank you so much for all of the great weather coverage from the local news stations, and Facebook Friends who kept us up to date on the weather around the state.  If you have a spare minute, please say a prayer for those who were affected by severe weather/tornadoes in our state and that the threat that we have today will diminish!

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