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Living Proof Live - Beth Moore in Little Rock, AR

I had the pleasure of attending a Living Proof Ministries Live event on April 15 & 16, 2011!  I was in good company with roughly 8,500 "siestas" attending from 22 states.  But, Arkansas was a strong presence as 6,600 Arkansans welcomed home one of our own, Beth Moore who grew up in Arkadephia, Arkansas. 

I traveled from my hometown in Searcy, Arkansas with my sister and four dear friends from church.  It is about an hour drive from here to North Little Rock's Verizon arena.  We decided to get a hotel room so that we would be near the event for the early Saturday morning arrival.  We left town and headed for the big city.  We arrived at the Peabody Hotel where we checked in and had the car parked in valet.  The great thing about the big city is that you can ride a trolly or catch a cab and you don't have to bother with parking because whoever had the brilliant idea to put the arena where they did surely did not think of the lack of parking that would result!

Our view of the stage.
We were fortunate enough to have a hotel very close to the trolley rail that runs through down town North Little Rock.  It's a beautiful ride, and we enjoyed getting from our hotel to the arena via the trolley filled with many other women who were doing the exact same thing.  When we got to the arena, the lines were long to get in, but the attendants did a fantastic job at getting folks in at a speedy rate.  Since we just had purple arm bands and no tickets, the line moved very quickly. There was no assigned seating for this event, and there are both upsides and down sides to this, fortunately for us we got great seats, in the third row right by the stage!

Once we had taken our seats, I took a minutes to look over the study guide we were handed as we walked in the door.  It was neatly organized with plenty of room to write notes from both Friday night and Saturday.  I was very excited about that, as I am a thorough note taker.

This was my first time to attend a LPM Live Conference and to say I was excited could perhaps be the understatement of the century.  I have taken my kids to many shows at the Verizon (formerly Altell) Arena and I can sense the anticipation and excitement on their faces as they wait for Disney's Princesses on Ice, or Monster Jam to begin.  I felt those same butterflies in my stomach as I knew that I was about to embark on a life changing event with Ms Beth Moore and company!!

Tisha and Travis Cottrell
The Praise Team came out and the voices angelic voices began to fill the stadium along with the powerful accompaniment of music and immediately we were on our feet singing praises to our Lord.  It was moving and I was almost instantly in tears.  All I could think was, this is only a small teeny tiny drop in the ocean compared to what Heaven will be like!!  Can you imagine it, being there singing praises RIGHT TO our Lord.  As my hands were lifted and I sang to the top of my lungs, I could only imagine how wonderful that must have sounded to Christ the King to hear so many people (mostly women) singing praises in his name.  WOW!!  As a small town Baptist church girl, I am not used to hearing so many voices in unison.  It was something, I tell ya!!!  Travis Cottrell was amazing, and I don't remember the names of the girls and guy who sang with him, but they were awesome as well, and when they were leading us in song, I was sad to hear it end.  I could have seriously have listened to them for days!!!  I did have the pleasure of meeting him after the show.  I purchased his a book and cd and he was nice enough to autograph both.  Of course I didn't miss the opportunity to have my sister snap a photo with my Iphone! 

Now, when Beth came to the stage she was ready to go as the Travis Cottrell and the praise team had her just as pumped and ready to go as she did the rest of us!!  Beth's message came from II Timothy 4.  Along with many other things, she gave us

7 Ways to Fulfill Your MY Ministry:
1. Adopt a succinct (concise) life goal.
2. Acquire the appropriate tools. {II Tim 4:13}
3. Endure the hard for the sake of the good. {II Tim. 4:5}
4. Embrace the necessicity and complexity of community.
5. Accept God's willing and healing.
6. Entrust yourself into a divine "so that...". {II Tim 4:17}
7. Always and forever, come what may KEEP THE FAITH!!! {Heb 11: 6-7}

There were so many other great quotes I wrote from Beth from both Friday and Saturday, I thought I'd list a few here:
"Good mornin' Pudens."
"Trying to do what God has called me to do with focus in an A.D.D world."
"We have to learn the art of pure perseverance."
"Be bold and stouthearted."
"We do not compete in the body of Christ!"
"If you do not have control of your mind, who does?"
"Immunity from community means no ministry." - II Tim 4: 9-15
"Restoration isn't always in agreement. We're still here 'cause we're not all complete."
"Baggage attracts baggage."
"We are meant to live in community but we will go through seasons alone."

Taken at the Flying Fish
When we left the event, we had the daunting task of trying to find something to eat at 10:00.  We ended up choosing The Flying Fish.  I had a hamburger and fries (yes, at a fish joint!!).  The burger was char grilled, like Burger King and I am not a big fan of that taste, but the funnel cake and nachos that I had at the arena weren't enough to tie me over 'till breakfast.  So, I ate it without too much complaint.  ;)  The other girls had fish, shrimp, and even crab legs.  They seemed to enjoy their entrees.  So, I guess it's a recommendable place if you're in the River Market. 

The Arkansas River as we walked across.
Friday night was such an amazing time that I surely did not want it to end! She did give us homework as well. Thankfully I am an early riser, so I got up early Saturday morning and did mine after I had my shower.

On Saturday morning, we all got up early in hopes of getting close to the same seats we'd had on Friday night.  We had coffee at the hotel and I grabbed a blueberry muffin to eat on the way.  We headed out of the hotel and to the trolley station.  When we were there we checked the schedule only to find that we had to wait until 11 to catch a trolley!!  By this time, if we'd have waited for valet to get our car, and then drive over in traffic we'd never get good seats.  So, someone (she shall remain nameless!!) suggested the quick walk over to the arena.  It was a few blocks, but the weather was NOT as Spring like as it had been earlier in the week.  I had worn short sleeves, capris, and flip flops.  Needless to say, the view of the Arkansas River over the River Bridge was beautiful but it was VERY cold!!!  Once we got off the bridge and in between buildings it wasn't as bad. I hope the girls that had to walk across that cold water weren't too upset with the one (who shall remain nameless) who suggested we walk across to the arena.  It didn't seem that far or that cold when we were talking about it!!  ;)

Saturday's message began by a quick walk through the crowd.  She came up right where we were sitting and asked a few questions of women around us.  One lady named Sherry stood up and talked about how she was having a double mastectomy on the following Monday.  We cried with her and prayed with her.  I wish I had her phone number so I could check on her.  She has weighed on my heart since the event.  Sherry if you ever read this, I hope you are doing well...and that you know that there are siestas out there who love you and pray for you!!  There was more praise and worship music and lots of fun.  The message was great and I could not even come close to summing it up here.  But, just know this...if you are in trials and tribulations in your life, you are facing them for a reason.  It's your "so that..."!!  You face those trials SO THAT...some day you can help someone else in the same situation, some day you will be stronger, etc.  You may NEVER know your "so that" but just know that you will make it through!  You will NEVER be alone. GOD is always with you.
The #1 thing that the enemy is after is your faith!! Never let them steal your joy...your faith. Always keep your faith!!!

If you ever get the opportunity to go see Beth Moore live, I would highly recommend it!!!  I was changed after hearing her amazing testimony and uplifting message.  Ms Beth, if you ever read this, THANK YOU for all you do and continue to do to Fulfill YOUR ministry!!!  I love you, Puden!!!

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tammyktaylor said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am not the best note taker and I think you picked up on some things that I missed. This was just what I was looking for. I hope others will post what they got out of it. It was also my first time to attend a live conference, and I enjoyed it! Just wish I had it recoreded so I could hear the things I missed.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Tammy, THANKS for stopping by!! I am with you on recording. I wonder if it was video taped. I would sure LOVE to have a copy of it. It was great material. I've tried to share some of the highlights from it with family and friends, but it's just not the same. I'd love to have a DVD to share with them. :D Thanks for your comment! Have a great weekend!