Thursday, April 28, 2011

Batter Up - Our First Baseball Season!!!

A very nervous Tyler...
Since Tyler was a little fella we've been visiting the baseball fields watching my nephew, his cousin play baseball. Tyler has always had interest in the game. He loves to watch and has said for a long time that when he's old enough he wants to play! Sign ups were last month and when it came time to sign up, he was a bit nervous. In fact, the first time we went he talked himself out of it. We left without signing him up. When we got home and talked about it, he told me he wasn't sure how to play so he didn't want his team mates to get mad at him! After some talking from myself and my husband, he was convinced that his coach would teach him what he needed to know about the game. The next time we were there to sign up, he was ready, willing, and very excited!

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. We got a call from his coach. It just so happened to be someone that my husband went to school with and he is a super nice guy. Tyler was a little nervous when he went to his first practice, but he hung right in there and did a great job. Here is video of his very first batting practice:

Obviously he had a lot of folks cheering him on, which he said makes him very nervous. So, hopefully those nerves will settle for him and turn into excitement on the day of his first game Tuesday, May 3!!!

We got the schedule yesterday, and it looks like now it's official...we'll be living at the ball field! Thank goodness we only have one child playing! One week we have THREE games, plus church on Wednesday. That means we'll only be home one night that week...and it just so happens to be the night before we leave out for a trip to the Buffalo River with our Sunday School class! What a summer it's gonna be!!

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Moody Mom said...

That's why I am glad Bear did not want to play softball.
We already have dance on Tuesday and Girl Scouts every other Thursday. I could not take anymore!