Sunday, January 02, 2011

Warning: Dirty Post!

You have been forewarned that this post contains content that may not be suitable for women who have not bore children, anyone with a weak stomach, or if you don't like to read about bodily fluids!  If you think you can handle it, read on!

PhotobucketI've been up since 3:30am with my sweet little Emily.  It seems as though she's contracted the virus that Tyler had last week.  She came into my room this morning with vomit in her hair saying she wanted to get into bed with me.  I was quick to haul her to the bathtub as she once again began to heave.  The poor little thing had liquids coming from both ends.  I got her cleaned up, got the puke pail ready, and for 4 hours I've been up with her catching her vomit with the puke pail in between naps.

Since we have spent our Christmas break potty training, when she needed to go potty, even though she had a diaper on she wanted to go to the toilet.  We ran in there and she pottied.  As we returned to the living room, she began to vomit.  Thankfully we made it to the puke pail.  Unfortunately, we hadn't replaced her was NOT pretty as I only had ONE pail to catch the liquids.  It was at this point when I realized that you have to be dedicated as a mother to endure this!

I laid down on the couch once, she'd been asleep for a good 30-45 minutes so I thought maybe she was in a good deep sleep that no vomit could interrupt.  Just as soon as I shut my eyes, the alarm clock began to chime.  I went to the bedroom and turned it off, laid back down, and within minutes the auto-brew coffee machine began to spew out liquid goodness.  The aroma filled the air and quickly reminded me that if I fall asleep at this hour, nobody will make it to church.  It was about that time that Emily was awakened from her slumber by another visit from the vomit fairy.

Whilst cleaning vomit this morning I have come to two conclusions, when we build a home, we will have a)  NO CARPET and b)Leather Furniture!!! 

Please say a little prayer for Emily if you're so inclined for quick healing and maybe throw one in for me as well, for a quick nap at some point in the day.  Believe you me, though 4 hours of sleep has gotten me through many a day since I've become a mother! 

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby. I hope she gets over this quickly. Be sure to keep her hyddrated... HUGS, mom....

Linda said...

Oh dear, not exactly the way I'd want to be starting out my new year but I've heard there's a nasty flu bug going around and it seems that Emily may have gotten it. I'll send best wishes that the rest of the family doesn't come down with it, too!

Anonymous said...

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