Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year, My Friends!

Just wanted to take a minute to update 'round here.  First of all we had a marvelous CHRISTmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.  The Crosby Baptist Church Christmas Play was a huge success and I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends and family who came out to support the hard working cast.  It was a lot of work, and so worth it to have so many people come out to watch! 

Shelby was a little girl shopping at the mall with a group of friends.  She was interviewed by a TV Newscaster who was looking for the true meaning of Christmas.  They were on their way to church to watch the Christmas play.  They invite him, and after his interviews which included a crabby old man, teenage girls, little girls, and even the shephards with their sheep (who also stole the show), Mary and Joseph, and the three wise men.  It was a great show. 
Tyler was a sheep, and I sang the song, Emanuel (God With Us) by Casting Crowns.

We spent the holiday with our family and it was truly a blessing.  The kids are growing up so fast!  Emily really enjoyed opening her gifts.  She was excited when it was FINALLY time to open them.  She was the most excited when she opened two little baby bottles for her baby doll!  It was the cutest thing.  She screamed loudly over it and the big things she just threw to the side!  The kids got guitars from Santa and hubby got one from me.  He wants to learn to play and I must say that he has enjoyed it and it seems like it has been a favorite gift of the kids as well.  They have all been sitting around the house making the most dreadful beautiful noise.
Brien with his new guitar.
Emily kissing her new baby doll carrier.
Tyler was excited about this zhu zhu pet!
Shelby got some zebra striped shoes!
Oscar was licking his lips when he realized that Santa had left him a gift!
2011 brings lots of wonderful joys to us, the most of which Emily seems to be potty trained!  We have been working on it this week while we were home for Christmas break and she has been diaper free (with the exception of bed time) for the entire week!  We are so proud of her and she's been doing great.  I can't wait to tell her teachers at daycare when she goes back on Monday!!!  She has been doing excellent and is so excited that she is a big girl now.

We rung in the new year last night at home.  We watched Dick Clarks' Rockin' New Year.  It has become tradition with us to turn it on and fall asleep watching it.  Our kids are just too young to make it 'till midnight and unfortunately Brien and I seem to be too old.  But, we did manage to DVR it because I wanted to see a specific performance.  New Kids on The Block with Backstreet Boys, otherwise known as NKOTBSB!!!  I was excited when I got to watch it this morning.  I felt like a little girl watching them.  I knew every song and sang along to every word.  I will admit that I am a bit partial to NKOTB because I grew up listening to them.  I was a little too old to be smitten when BSB were at their peak.  The two will be touring together in 2011, but unfortunately they will not be coming anywhere close to me, so last night's performance will have to suffice.  It was a great one and surely put a smile on my face!

Did you get a chance to watch?  Dick Clark did make several appearances on the show and was even shown at midnight kissing his wife.  He still looks the same, but I did get teary eyed when he was speaking.  I guess he will do the show forever because I think he will live forever.  I was trying to explain to Shelby that Dick Clark used to be a lot like Ryan Seacrest is now.  He did EVERYTHING!  I think that Seacrest has big shoes to fill but does the job quite well.  What did you think of last night's show?  I wonder if anyone watched that other show with Carson Daily?  I flipped over one time and they kept cutting to Ryan explaining that there were two shows being filmed within arms length of each other.  It was rather comical.

At any rate, no matter how you rang in your New Year I hope that 2011 will be the best of years for you and yours!

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fredamans said...

Happy New Year!

Tina said...

Tyler looks adorable in his costume. looks like you had a great time.

Happy new year :)