Thursday, December 02, 2010

Simon-Peter Gets Help on Day 3

This morning we woke up and found Simon-Peter in a different room than he's been previously! He's been hanging around (literally) in the living room but this morning when Shelby jumped out of bed in search for our pixie Elf on The Shelf, he was no where to be found until she entered the kitchen. He tends to like to hang out in high places, so she looked up on top of the fridge and this is what she saw...

We've already established that our friend has a bit of a sweet tooth as he was caught with a candy cane in his mouth after his first visit to Santa. This morning he was caught with a partially eaten froot loop in hand!  Since we're not allowed to touch him, the children decided that they could not eat this particular cereal for their breakfast this morning.

This afternoon when we returned from work and school, we were shocked to see this...

There was an envelope labeled "The Black Family" behind a new elf! The letter reads:

Hello There!

Shelby, Tyler, and Emily, Thank you so much for taking such good care of my helper Simon-Peter the Pixie Elf. HE loves his name, by the way. You all have been doing such a wonderful job of letting him watch over you and not bothering him. I hope he isn't getting into any trouble while he's there. since there are three of you and all of you attend school, church and with lots of other things going on like the Christmas play, Awana, and birthday parties it's a big chore for Simon-Peter to keep up with all of you by himself. To take away some of the work load, I have enlisted another pixie elf to help report your behavior to me.

Please remember to be kind to your new elf just as you have Simon-Peter. There must be no touching her so that she can do her job. Don't try to talk to her because she must never talk to the family that she watches...only to Santa!

Thank you children, and don't forget to name your new friend and have Mom or Dad go online and register her name so that Mrs. Clause and I will know what to call her.

Your Friend Santa

The kids are super excited to have a NEW elf to look after them. Poor Simon-Peter must have been so worn out with all of the traveling back and forth from school to daycare, church, etc. Now he will be able to split those duties with our new elf, Noel!

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