Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Beauty & The Beast The Diamond Edition

One of my favorite Disney Classics is Beauty and the Beast.  Unavailable in any form since 2003, Beauty and the Beast will be released from the Disney vault for a limited time only, arriving on a Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack (2 Blu-ray Discs + DVD) October 5  Today, Disney is opening the vault and it will be available for purchase on Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack! Beauty and The Beast is the first of only two animated films ever to be nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Picture (in case you were wondering, the second is 2009’s Up), Beauty and the Beast earned six Academy Award® nominations and won two Oscars® in 1992 for Best Original Song (“Beauty and the Beast”) and Best Original Score.

Beauty and The Beast is Disney’s most requested film and my all time favorite! The Blu-ray transformation
reveals the magic, music and majesty of the film as never before experienced with state-of-the-art picture restoration, pristine 7.1 Digital Surround Sound and hours of additional viewing experiences that includes behind the scenes features, deleted scenes, enhanced music tracks, immersive games and more.

When we received this DVD for review, I was excited to watch it and my kids informed me that they'd never seen it!  I was floored when I realized that I had deprived my children from the experience of seeing this Disney film, which just so happens to be one of my favorites!!!  We have it on VHS, and I guess we just never watch those old VHS tapes anymore.  The kids never even open up that cabinet when choosing a movie.  This movie did not disappoint, as each and every member of my family enjoyed watching.  Beauty and The Beast is a timeless classic that will live on for generations.  I am so glad that Disney has released it from the vault and I hope that if there are other families out there that do not own this on DVD will upgrade to the Diamond Version of Beauty and The Beast and add it to your collection!

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McKenzie Jean said...

My Daughter has been raving about finding the christmas version of this on DVD and I can't find that dude anywhere!