Sunday, September 26, 2010

Humbled and Grateful

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I sit here at my computer humbled.  I am almost at a loss for words as how to describe the way I feel.  I have posted all week about Get Down Downtown and the fund raising booth we were going to have for Arkansas Susan G Komen.  We sold pink lemonade and cookies for a cause.  My mother-in-law is a God send.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, dedicated, hard working woman in my life!  She was on the phone and pounding the pavement all week last week collecting donated items and funds for this cause.  Thanks to her, we had gift certificates to local restaurants, jewelry stores, and even a day spa donated to us.  We sold tickets for a dollar each for a chance to win one of those prizes.  We gave breast cancer survivors free chances, of course.  (Winners have not yet been drawn)  Sexton Foods, Fanny Brown, and Classic Catering of Harding donated cookies for our cause.  Thanks to them we did not have to do any baking.  Sexton Foods donated 40 dozen cookies made fresh Thursday morning in their awesome bakery and I tell you what, people LOVED those cookies!  The pink lemonade was donated by various businesses in town as well.  We also received lots of monetary donations to which the rest of the supplies and decorations needed were purchased.  We ended up with a final tally of $950 donated at the Get Down Downtown, Main Street Celebration!

As I sat down and counted out all of those ones and fives last night, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  You see, I do not have breast cancer, in fact I have never lost a loved one to breast cancer.  I have, however, lost loved ones to other cancer.  Cancer is matter what form of it you get.  I was overwhelmed by the fact that I am surrounded by so many people filled with love. This money was not collected in one hundred dollar bills. It was mostly collected one or two dollars at a time and that is simply amazing! My family were huge supporters of this cause.  My husband worked hard to help set up this booth IN THE RAIN!!!  He also did all of the running we needed him to do no matter what we needed and when.  He never once complained.  What a trooper he was.  My mother-in-law collected donations, watched kiddos, and was there every step of the way.  She also made some awesome strawberry cupcakes with pink icing and pink ribbon sprinkles.  Those things sold like hot cakes!  They were fresh out of the oven Saturday morning.  My team mates went above and beyond to make sure this booth was successful.  Amber Carson was my booth neighbor with Re-Zest your nest so she helped me to get things set up like they needed to be and made things look nice and presentable.  If it weren't for Amber, we would not have been at Get Down Downtown, so I owe her a HUGE thank you.  My sister, Mandy was also there for the set up.  It was a bit stressful at first but once we got it all taken care of, we were golden.  She was also there ALL day Saturday.  I had to leave for a bit, and she had things under control.  April Odom, my other sister also had my back in my absence!  In fact, she and Mandy almost had things broken down when I got back and we just had to carry it all to the truck.  Thanks to the muscle of Eddie Boone, also for making that happen!  My sisters in Christ, Chelsey Dodson and Kylah Robinson were also troopers and stuck it out Saturday with us.  Without the hard work of these girls, we could have never pulled this off.  Crystal Beach also worked on Friday night while our girls were "Getting Down" at the stage having fun dancing to the live entertainment.  Words cannot say how proud I am of all who showed up and helped out, no matter how big or small you think your contribution was, it could not have happened without the hands of each individual who helped out and that is the truth. 

I have many more pictures to post and much more to say on this subject, but I have another busy day ahead of me so for now I'll just leave you with a big thank you!!! 

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Desert Songbird said...

Brava! I'm glad it was such a success. Thanks for your hard work and dedication, and for the contributions of your family and friends. Great job, Tisha. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks so much, DS! It was really a lot of fun and I have an awesome team full of hard workers. Couldn't have done it without them! :)