Monday, September 06, 2010

Little Grips Product Review

Okay, all of you parents out there. I'm about to tell you about a product that's going to make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"!!! I know when I saw them I thought the same thing. A father decided that when his daughter was having trouble learning to self feed he needed to figure out a simpler way. So, off to the work bench he went and the first prototype was designed for Little Grips. After prayer and a lot of support from family and friends who knew this idea was marketable, Idea Blvd Inc. was created and promises several other products in development that they look forward to introducing in the future. Not just baby products but inventions that will solve some of the most basic annoyances we face on a daily basis. To read more about this company, you can click their About Us Page.


 Little Grips Eating Utensils:  What are they, you ask?!  Well, even if you didn't ask I'm about to tell you!  They are designed with your self-feeding toddler in mind.  Any parent can tell you how difficult it is for a toddler to learn to self feed.  Holding the utensil is a tricky task to master (try saying that three times real fast...okay, are you done?  Back to the review).  The Little Grips Utensils are designed with your child's natural movement in mind.  This is good for toddlers because they are not dropping half of their food from their fork or spoon before it reaches their mouth either hitting the table or their clothes.  It's good for you because you are going to have to clean the previously mentioned table and clothes!  In short, it makes feeding time less messy and of course builds their self confidence because they are doing it on their own! 
I really wish that this product would have been available to me three children ago. Well, at least two children ago, anyhow. Since Emily has pretty much proclaimed "Big Girl" status, I had a hard time getting her to eat with them. She knew that they were different than the ones we were using, so she really wanted no part of it.  But, she was gracious enough to take her turn as the guinea pig try them out for the sake of the review.

Emily just turned 2 and she used them for the first time to eat eggs at breakfast. At first she was curious to find out what they were. When she realized that she had her own special utensils she was very excited. She stuck her eggs with the fork and got them to her mouth with ease! Emily gives them an thumbs up because she loved them and she was proud to have something that her siblings did not have. I give them two thumbs up because the product delivers! It does what it says it will. No doubt about it. Even though Emily is older and already knows how to use utensils, she made less of a mess with these, which is something worth buying for in my opinion!
Fork full of eggs and no spilling!
No matter if your child is left or right handed, it is an ambidextrous product, so there is no right or wrong way to hold it. It is a non-slip grip that fits easily into your toddler's palm. Dishwasher safe...did you hear me people, DISHWASHER SAFE (The words every mother loves to hear) because it's made from high quality plastic and stainless steel!  This is a deal and you can get a set (available only online) for $10.95.  

Okay, now that you're sold and ready to buy, here's all the info you need.
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