Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Invasion of Blood Suckers

Picking seed ticks (teeny tiny newborn ticks) from my two year old daughter was not how I'd envisioned spending my Labor Day, but that's just how I spent a big part of my afternoon.

PhotobucketBrien bought a new automatic corn feeder and decided to take it to his deer camp today to set it up. The kids and I chose to tag along because we had a free day. We were on the go all weekend with birthday parties so we took the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Even Oscar the wiener dog tagged along with us.  Everyone was excited for a road trip followed by adventures in the woods. All three kids were excited.  Of course, 2 year old Emily was just excited because the other two were.  Tyler has a bit of "buck fever" like his father, so he's super excited to get back out in the woods and look for signs of deer, etc.  Shelby just doesn't want Tyler to be doing something without her, so I think that's why she takes such interest.  Don't get me wrong, she loves spending time with her daddy, but being hot and mostly being outdoors is just not her thing.  She's more of a shopper than a hunter, and she gets that from me!

Tyler took the opportunity to scope out the land and check for signs of deer and turkey.  He took his gun, of course just in case.  (Don't worry, this is a toy gun!!!)
Of course while Daddy and Papaw were putting together the feeder, the girls followed Tyler down the path.   Emily and Shelby were enjoying their time together exploring.
Unfortunately, the results of their exploration were the previously mentioned seed ticks.
Brien and Ray were working hard to get the feeder put together. It has an timer so that you can set it to distribute the corn automatically for a set amount of time.  Brien forgot to take his game camera, but hopefully he can get it up there sometime this week so that he can get some digital photographs of what's feeding. 

We all managed to make it home a little weary and exhausted, but I think we're finally tick free.  Oscar has the monthly medication that keeps fleas and ticks at bay, so he's fine.  After checking one another like monkeys, I think we're all okay! 

So, how'd you spend your Labor Day?!

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"Lois Grebowski" said...

seed ticks can be difficult to find, too. They look just like freckles, except they move.

Crazy Working Mom said...

"They look just like freckles, except they move." ...unless they are embedded in and then you're really in trouble!!

I just told the kids, if you have an itchy spot come tell me so I can make sure there's no tick!