Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I received this beautiful arrangement of roses yesterday at the office.  It was totally unexpected.  I love my husband, but normally he's not much of a planner.  He's usually right in the middle of the sea of men shopping the day before or the day of Valentine's Day.  This year, he thought a head at least a few days!  Since he knows I am on a diet, he didn't do the chocolate covered strawberries that I normally get.  For that, I am thankful because I have NO self control when it comes to eating those things.  But, I tell ya this time of year, a person could seriously consider switching careers into the flower business! The guy that brought my flower arrangement yesterday had a tough time finding mine in a van of roses!  I also got a mani-pedi.  How do I know this already, you ask?!  Well, my brilliant husband bought it with his business debit card.  I do all of our banking online, so yesterday when I was doing the daily report, my favorite nail place showed up in the bank register, so I knew what he was up to!  So, a lesson to all of you men out there...USE CASH to buy gifts for your girls!  I still haven't used my massage he got me for Christmas, so I think maybe very soon I'll combine those gift certificates and have a "ME" day!

Shelby celebrated  Valentine's Day with her class at school yesterday. She had a great time. She came home with lots of awesome cards in her home-made box. I think she went into sugar shock on the way home due to the brownies, cookies, juice, and candy she consumed at the party and in the van. I thought back to my days in Elementary School. I loved the class parties, but V-day was always my favorite. I loved getting the cards. The candy was great too, along with the games but my absolute favorite was the card exchange.  

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone from our house to yours.  

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Akelamalu said...

Well done Brien!

Kathy said...

ROFLOL!!! I love this.
I always hated Valentines Day because my husband was trapped into the thinking he HAD to go get me flowers. Oh don't get me wrong, They were beautiful and I loved them BUT 2 weeks later I ALWAYS got the bill that went with them!!
2007 was the ONLY Valentines I received flowers I didn't have to pay for and the last ones I ever received. I still have them :)

fredamans said...

I asked for lingerie, I got lingerie!!!

Beautiful roses!

Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

It definitely sounds like a "Me Day" is in order...LOL!

Patti said...

Oooh,,,that "Me Day" is going to be wonderful, Tisha.

Sounds like Shelby had a great celebration. Those elementary school years are the best. Enjoy them with your kids.

Happy Valentine's Day!

BLOGitse said...

No V-day here but you,
Love, love, love...