Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of My Union...and Other Ramblings

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. What a CrAzY week! We buried my sister-in-law's sister on Monday. She was 39 years old and lost her year long battle with ovarian cancer. It's been a tough situation altogether. She was a mother to a beautiful 12 year old girl. Please keep the family in your prayers as they go through the healing process.

Tyler has been sick this week. I am not sure what was wrong with him. He lost his little voice, had a belly ache, and cough. He seems to be feeling better. He seems to think he needs to stay home from pre-school ONE more day. ;) We'll see how it plays out tomorrow.

The weekend was fun. We attended a birthday party on Saturday for my nephew, Jerimy. Unfortunately I left my camera (can you believe that I would do something like that) at my sister's house. She's bringing it to me tomorrow when she comes into town. So, I have no pictures to post yet.

Sunday we went to The Big Buck Classic, hence Tyler's camo picture.  He was all decked out and ready to go.  We had a nice time.  The kids got to see the Rattlesnake wrangler.  Funny, and TRUE story:  Emily Grace, my 16 month old daughter was pushing her way to the fence to see the rattle snakes.  Her eyes were wide and she was so excited!  There was a double fence so I guess that she couldn't have touched them, but once she got too close, I snatched her up and held her in my arms.  She screamed!  People thought that she was scared.  But, she was ANGRY that I wouldn't let her get close to the fence.  The fence where 50-60 rattlesnakes were piled up in the corner.  The fence that just might have let her tiny little fingers slip through within striking distance of those venomous reptiles!  Eeeeewww...the thought just makes my stomach turn.

All in all we had a fun weekend, followed by a not so fun week.  Tonight was the state of the union address.  Brien and I skipped it and decided to watch a movie instead.  I get so frustrated when I watch things like that.  I can tell you the state of our union isn't too great right now!  We're small business owners who at the end of the month will have no health care coverage because my COBRA coverage from my previous employer has expired.  So, right now we're playing the insurance marketing game.  He has sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and is a smoker.  We cannot get an insurance carrier to write a policy for him.  Since Emily was sick with RSV last winter, the only one who would write a policy for her wanted me to pay a 110% increased premium and have a pre-existing clause where nothing related to RSV or ear infections was covered.  It's disgusting to think that my husband and I both work hard to provide for our family and can't even get simple, affordable health care coverage while there are people who won't even attempt to find a job are handed vouchers for food, formula, provided them free childcare and health care at no out of pocket cost to them. So, who's pocket is it coming out of?! While you take a guess, I'm going to finish watching this movie and try to forget the state of THIS union!  

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Callie Ann said...

Wait a minute. How long have you been on Cobra.. you know it was extended another six months for us at the reduced rate just this month Obama made that happen... email me.. I have questions

Sandee said...

Glad you had a great weekend. I hope you find some relief with the insurance though. You are right about those who work can't get much of anything and those that don't/won't work get it handed to them. Yep, it's the way of things anymore.

Have a terrific day. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

barb said...

The health insurance issue has been at the top of my agenda for more than 3 years now. I am a small business owner who had to cancel my insurance because it was increasing about 24-30% per quarter. It was about twice my mortgage when I cancelled it. God only knows what it must be 3 years later!

Anonymous said...

Yup. Insurance is a huge boondoggle. Hugs on that. We're on the COBRA boat, too.

Heart of Rachel said...

Condolences to your SIL's family. May they find strength and support in one another.

Hope Tyler continues to feel better. My son is home today because of fever. I let him skip class so he could rest.

Oh my, glad there was no untoward incident with the rattle snake. Emily is such a brave and curious girl.

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

Insurance is a sore topic in our home right now too... since Jan 1st, we are paying more for less coverage (with the same employer). I hope you find something that works for you soon!
I think if my 17 mo son had gotten so close to the rattlesnake cage I would have reacted exactly the same way!!

Linda said...

I didn't watch the State of the Union either as I have a very tough time watching anything with our President. Even though I didn't vote for him I was hoping that perhaps his campaign of change would really be that. Yea ... fooled again and this country is even more in debt than it was before this new Administration stepped in.

Anyhow, 'muff said about that! I hope that everyone is feeling better at your house today though I believe you are all iced in, aren't you?

Stay warm - stay safe!

Anonymous said...

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