Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conversations with Shelby and her Classmates

Last weekend Shelby and I were home alone. The two younger kids were staying with Grandma and Daddy was out of town. We took the opportunity to rent some movies and have some time relaxing together. One of the movies we rented was Aliens in the Attic. She was discussing her weekend with two of her school mates.
Shelby: I got to watch Aliens in the Attic this weekend. It was so funny.

Classmate #1: I've watched that one before. I loved the part when they said, who turned off the gravity?!

Classmate #2: You can't watch that because it's PG13 and you're NOT 13.

Shelby: I did watch it, with my Mom.

Classmate #2: Well, I can only watch PG13 movies with my Mom and she covers my eyes on the "bad parts".

I love to listen to the conversations these kids have when they think no one is listening. I hear all sorts of things, from who is suffering from CONCERTA and ADHD Symptoms to guessing what that actually was on their lunch plate. Oh, to be young again!  FYI, the movie is PG and it was pretty good.  There weren't any "eye covering" parts.  ;)

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Patti said...

Cute conversations. Glad there were no "eye covering' parts.!