Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diet Recipes - A Great Source

If you're in the market for some great recipes, I would like to suggest a website:  Aimee's Adventures. I am doing Weight Watchers and this website is FULL of awesome recipes that also gives you the points to each recipe.  Of course it is always a good idea to re-figure points as you cook because they can vary from recipe to recipe depending on the different ingredients you may use.  If you do WW online like I do, you can use the recipe builder (which has been a life saver for me) to help you figure up the points on various recipes. 

Aimee also has links to other sites full of recipes as well as dieting tips.  Did you know that if you get a sweet tooth at night you can drink a glass of water and brush your teeth to subside it?  It's true, the water will make you feel full and the sugar will trick your brain into thinking it's getting something sweet!  Not only is this a great way to lose weight, but also keep your teeth nice and bright!

So, hop on over and check out this awesome site.  It's a great resource for any diet, no matter what kind of diet you are doing.  So, now I've helped you out in the dieting department, but if you need help with allergy bedding you may have to look elsewhere. ;)

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Anonymous said... used to have approximate points listings for restaurants. It's another great helper for your WW plan.

The chicken rollups on Aimee's site are great... diet or no diet, they're really good!

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

I've always found that brushing my teeth helps me to cut back with the eating because I really don't want to have to brush them all over again! Sometimes being a bit lazy can be a good thing, right??

Kahlilia said...
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Rahim said...

Aimee's peanut butter cookie recipe is one that ALL peanut butter lovers should try. A Definite winner!

Anonymous said...
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Crazy Working Mom said...

All of the posts you see removed by blog admin are spam! Sorry, but it will not be tolerated! If you want a link, contact me via e-mail and we can work something out, but you're not going to sneak one in via a stupid comment!

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