Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pizza Hut Gift Certificate Winner

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response we had in the Pizza Hut Gift Certificate Give-Away here at CrAzY Working Mom.  I'm so pleased that we had so many entrants!  Unfortunately there can only be one winner...drum roll please!!!

And the winner is, Sara Cart of The Elect Lady.  She's also known as Mrs Cart, the English teacher for 6-8th grade at Luther Memorial School in Cleveland, Ohio. Stop on over to say hello to her. Not only did you win a $10 Gift Certificate to Pizza Hut, Sara but you also win some linky love from CrAzY Working Mom:

Sara, please send me your e-mail address (mine is on the left under Mail Me) so the sponsor can get in touch with you in order to get you your prize!  {If I do not hear from you in 48 hours I will have to choose another winner.}  Once again, thanks to everyone who played and congrats to Sara!

Don't forget Pizza Hut's $10 pizzas on Superbowl Sunday.  Did you know???  
Football’s Biggest Day is Their Busiest

* With Super Bowl being their biggest ordering day of the year, we plan to see a 55% increase in orders over any typical Sunday. Take these statistics, for example:
* Pizza Hut will sell enough pizza to cover more than 50 football fields.
* Pizza Hut employees working this day would cover all 32 football fields lying head-to-toe.
* If each slice of Pizza Hut pizza sold were laid end to end, the pizza trail would stretch halfway across the United States.
* Pepperoni is the most requested pizza topping, followed by Italian sausage and extra cheese.
* Honey Barbeque is the most popular Wing Street wing sauce, followed by Buffalo Medium and Buffalo Mild.

Look for a brand new contest to start in the coming days! My kids are going to help me review this product!!

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Mo said...

Congrats to Sara!
$10 is a whole large pizza at Pizza Hut right now!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sara! Pizza is good!

fredamans said...