Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Moms: Want Some Free Diapers?!

Although they are not actually on sale yet, starting today, you can request a free sample three-pack of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max on If the sample sent includes a diaper stamped Team USA (randomly inserted in select sample packs), you will win a year’s supply of Pampers diapers!  How cool is that?!?!  We have used Pampers with all three of our children.  I found after trying many different brands that Pampers seemed to be the best bang for your buck!

Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max will be available at retail across the country beginning in March 2010. Product will be available where Pampers products are sold, with the same retail pricing as the current Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers Diapers.  Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers with Dry Max are the brand's new high performance diapers and the biggest innovation for the Pampers brand in the last 25 years. Pampers Diapers invented the Dry Max technology and applied it to the current Swaddlers and Cruisers core, which allows the diaper to be thinner than before. This game-changing diaper - Pampers' driest ever - helps lock wetness in for up to 12 hours and its less bulky design helps give flexibility and comfort - perfect for all of babies' play. The new diaper design also helps families reduce their impact on the environment by containing 10 percent less material weight. In fact, if current North American Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers users switched to the new Pampers Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max diaper, they could together throw away the weight of 1 billion less diapers every three years (based on 08/09 volume for Swaddlers/Cruisers).

I would love it if one of my readers were to win a year's supply of diapers, so click over now:  RIGHT HERE and get your free sample!   Do it now, because supplies are limited and they will go fast!

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Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Shutterbug8162 said...

We love pampers swaddlers. We were gifted a few cases from a fellow blogger and delighted when the hospital sent us home with them as well. Heading over to check out the link to get some freebies. Thanks for the post.