Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs Now Available on DVD

Now available from Fox Home Entertainment, Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs!!!  We have been anxiously awaiting the release of this title.  We didn't make it to the theater to see it, but the whole family is a fan of this series of movies.  This unlikely family doesn't disappoint in the third installment of the Ice Age franchise.  Available in the ever-so-popular 3 disk combo which inclues BluRay, DVD, and Digital file copy, Fox has stepped it up with this movie with loads of extras including:  Walk the Dinosaur Music Video, Two Scrat Shorts and more fun from Scrat including, "Scrat Breaking Story" as well as "News Report". 

Scrat is still trying to get that nut, but this time finds a love interest along the way, or is she competition for his elusive acorn?!  Ellie and Manni are expecting their first child while Sid the Sloth comes across some dinosaur eggs and decides to keep the hatchlings for himself.  While trying to rescue Sid from the underworld of Dinosaurs, Manny and the gang meet new friends like Buck, the one eyed dino-hunter along the way and experience adventure like no other.  This movie is a must see and I am certain that if you've not purchased it already it will be on your kids' Christmas lists this year! 

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