Monday, September 28, 2009

Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland on DVD

Emily is my one year old daughter. She just so happens to LOVE Mickey Mouse. When she hears the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she comes running to the television. She loves to hear Mickey talk and gets excited to see "Toodles". We were excited to find that Mickey and his clubhouse friends were starring in the new DVD, from Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland. In this DVD with a run time of 50 minutes, all of our favorite Clubhouse Characters team up in an adventure to rival Alice's adventure in Wonderland. There are slight similarities between the two, but Mickey's adventure is most definitely his own and not that of Alice's. This DVD is digitally produced, so the quality is crisp and clear. Bonus features include Goofy Goes Goofy (which I think could be the title to the story of my life), and Adventure Mode. This is an interactive feature in which you can watch the movie and utilizing your remote control, aswer questions about the movie as it progresse. This is a very fun way to watch the DVD for children. The only problem I found with this one is that if you have more than one child (that's me!!!) then you might have to do this more than once so everything is fair. Overall we loved this one, but in a house full of Disney fans, that just goes without saying! This DVD is now available.

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Tammy said...

Aidan LOVES Mickey Mouse's Club House!!!