Monday, August 24, 2009

Can We Fix It - Our Lunch That Is?!

Can We Fix It? That is the catch phrase of the famous (or infamous, depending on your age) show, Bob The Builder. Having a four year old son, we're all to familiar with this phrase around our house. Being as he has his own tool set (hubby told me this was a bad idea, and in hindsight I do agree) Bob The Builder is right up his alley. Since he is in a daycare pre-school they are not allowed to take his lunch, but this lunchbox can be used for other things such as carrying his bob the builder collectible vehicles, or other die cast cars, his video games, and the like. This 3 disk DVD, lunchbox set is now available from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

Included in the set are the following DVDs:

The Big Game - In this action packed DVD, Bob's friend and co-worker, Wendy is the star of the show. She is one of my favorite characters so I was delighted with this DVD. The 45-minute feature includes four stories plus an additional four mini-adventures. Wendy oversees construction in the soccer field, oversees re-surfacing of the road and fixes the tennis court as well as bailing out Bob on a flubbed up painting job. This was by far my favorite of the three in this collection.

Can We Fix It
- This DVD contains 45 minutes and four episodes including Bob's Barn Raising, Mucky Muck, Wendy Plays Golf, and Magnetic Lofty. As with most other episodes in the Bob The Builder series, these episodes teach children team building, strong friendships, and self esteem. These are important fundamentals in early development and I know as a parent, I can use all of the help I can get. Thank you, Bob the Builder for your help!

Celebrate with Bob - This DVD encourages children to have respect for others and take responsibility seriously. There’s a dance contest, a surprise birthday party, a messy office and a broken computer all contained in these four episodes: Bob's Birthday, Bob's Big Surprise, Bob's Big Day Off, and Buffalo Bob.

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