Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barney - The Learning and Fun Never End

How would you like to purchase a DVD and receive a book as well? Well, if that sounds like a fun idea then I have great news for you. Barney Book Fair is not only a great DVD but it also comes with a book for your little ones to enjoy. Since we do stories at bedtime, this was wonderful news because not only did we have a fun, educational DVD for the kids to watch during the day and a bedtime story to boot! In the DVD, Barney and friends decide to have a book fair and realize that reading books can take you into adventures you never knew existed. Let your children explore these new worlds with Barney, Baby Bop, and friends in this all new 50 minute DVD from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

I really enjoyed watching Sing & Dance With Barney because it revisited some "old" friends from Barney past. You see, my niece who is now almost seven watched Barney as a toddler. She was glued to the television when the big purple dinosaur sang such favorites as All The Raindrops, Baby Bop Hop, A Camping We Will Go, and of course I Love You. When I put this DVD in for my children I was delighted to see the children who I enjoyed watching all those years ago. Of course they are all grown up now and sang a few of the old favorites I remember from "back in the day". It's definitely a fun DVD and we enjoyed it as well as the CD Set that travels along with us and sits in my disk changer in the van and is fun for those "cranky" moments that we tend to get while traveling! This DVD is available now through Lionsgate.

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