Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The concert experience live and at home, with flames!

On Thursday night, Shelby enjoyed her very first concert thanks to Little Rock Family Living.  Before we went to the show we had some great food prepared on a hibatchi grill by an talented young cook @ Kanpai Japanese Steakhouse.

Up first was the girl band, KSM.  We missed a big part of their show because we were getting T-shirts ($30 - I am not even kidding!!!) for the girls and some sort of glow sticks with Demi's name ($10). 

David Archuleta opened for Demi and he did a magnificent job.  You might remember him from American Idol.  He was runner up to David Cook.  That kid sure does have some pipes.  He is a very talented young man.  It was sure nice to see him so humble as well.  He was giggling before the show started because he was giddy with excitement.  He had amazing energy and his songs were young and hip.  He didn't sing about being a pimp, gangsta, or anything he is not.  I like that about him.  He is a kid and he knows it.  He is grounded and I really think that he's got a bright future ahead of him.  I really enjoyed his performance.

Before Demi came out, Shelby and my neice Katie had made friends with some girls sitting near us.  Since the front row was nearly empty, we let them all sit on the front row of the section we were in.  This gave them the freedom to stand and dance.  When we stood at our seats we were tongue lashed by a mother with two boys who could not see.  Unfortunately when we sat down, the teenage girls that were sitting next to us blocked our view as they stood.  The girls were very excited to see Demi Lovato.  She is their favorite Disney star and she put on such a great show.  The girls danced and sang.  They enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  I am so glad that we got to go share the exciting opportunity with them!  Thank you so much Little Rock Family!

Before the show, we all watched Demi Lovato and her B/F/F in the newest Disney Release, Princess Protection Program. This is a movie that the whole family will enjoy. The DVD features the music video staring Demi with co-star Selena Gomez with their hit song, "One in the Same".   One of my favorite Demi Lovato songs is also the premisis of this movie, "When Two Different Worlds Collide".  I feel this movie will follow a similar path as the High School Musical Phenomena that also spun from the masterminds at Disney.  Selena and Demi are what's hot right now with the "tween" population, and as demonstrated by my daughter and my neice, even younger.  It is nice to see these girls presenting themselves as good role models for my daughter. 

Speaking of good role models, The Jonas Brothers are right up there at the top of my list.  I saw these guys on Larry King and they are very intelligent young men.  I remember the crush I had on a certain "Joey Joe" from a little band some of you might remember called New Kids on The Block.  As I watched this DVD, I was taken back to 5th grade when NKOTB came to Arkansas and EVERYONE in my class (or though it seemed) went to this show but me.  I was devastated, but it was short lived, I'm sure.  This DVD, The Jonas Brothers:  The Concert Experience is just like being at the Jonas Brother's Concert, only you get an all access backstage pass at what the guys are doing off stage as well.  If you have a Blue Ray disk player, you're in luck, because the set comes with DVD glasses and you can enjoy the concert in 3-D from the comforts of your own non-crowded home!  If you've got a "Jo-Bro" fan in your household, this is a must have!!!

For more information on these Disney DVDs, or anything Disney related, 
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Desert Songbird said...

Glad you had fun; not sure I would have been so accommodating! I'm not a fan of the Disney pop stars. Not that they're not good role models; I just find the music to be bubble gum and irritating. Good for young girls, though. I was never a fan of the boy bands. I'm more of a "bad boy" aficionado. *grin*

Amanda said...

I'm sorry your concert experience was marred by the dumb woman wanting your kids to sit down. Hello! It's a concert! You stand! As someone who has been to 2 Jonas Brothers concerts in the past 2 weeks, I can say that I am obsessed with them, and loving sharing the obsession with my 13 year old daughter. You and your Shelby will have many more mother daughter experiences to come! :)