Thursday, June 04, 2009

Now Available on DVD - Dolittle & Labou

Now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Dr Doolittle: Million Dollar Mutts. This installment of Dr Doolittle follows the youngest "animal whisperer", Maya as she journeys through a decision to become a famous television star or a college grad. Along the way, her faithful sidekick Lucky is there to keep her grounded. If you've seen the previous Doolittle movies, this one won't disappoint, unless you're looking for Doolittle himself, Eddie Murphy. He's absent in this film, on a trip out of the country. This wasn't the best Doolittle film, in my opinion but it was watchable. Without Murphy's antics I just didn't find it as appealing as the others.  If you're looking to score this DVD, you can click the graphic to do so.  

Also available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment is a great family movie, Labou.  We loved this one!  Legend has it the famed pirate, Captain LeRouge haunts the Louisiana bayou where his treasure-filled ship went down after it was struck by a hurricane. Labou is about the camaraderie of three children in search of a ghost pirate and his long lost treasure. Eager to get back at the school bully, feisty Emily and the new kid, Gavin challenge "Toddster" to explore the Louisiana swamps. Once they are lost in the bayou after being chased by the ghost of Captain LeRouge, the kids stumble across a lovable creature named Labou whose home is about to be destroyed by two bumbling money hungry oil tycoons. Determined to save the swamps and their new found friend, they devise a plan and enlist the help of the legendary ghost pirate to rid the wetlands of its impostors once and for all.  It really is a great, kid friendly family movie that everyone will enjoy.  If you're looking for a great DVD to watch on a rainy day, the CrAzY Working Mom household would reccommend this one!  To purchase, you can click the graphic.

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