Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just because your kid ruined your movie night doesn't mean you need to ruin ours!

We've had a whirlwind of a day. It was the last day that my 10 year old sister Jeannene will be spending with us. We are leaving out early in the morning to meet up with her mom at a halfway point between here and Houston. We decided that we'd take all of the kiddos to eat a nice dinner at The Olive Garden and go watch a movie. Emily is staying with my MIL because it'd be too tough having her in a vehicle for 10 hours (5 there and 5 back). Dinner was fabulous. Brien and I had a new dish, Lasagna Rollatini with Chicken which is described in their menu as: oven-baked lasagna rolls stuffed with four Italian cheeses, topped with sautéed chicken, spinach and roma tomatoes in a fontina cheese sauce. It was good, but lacked a little something for me. I think maybe it should've had a little more flavor in the actuall stuffed rolls. The chicken with the sauce and spinach was excellent, however. The girls had fettuccine alfredo. You can never go wrong with this classic paired with the Garden's yummy breadsticks and salad. Tyler ordered Raviolis and quickly procclaimed as he bit into the first one that they were NOT real raviolis. Why, you ask? First off, they were round and not square. Secondly the most famous chef in the world did not make them...Misseur Boyardee! Yes, my kids LOVE the mini beef raviolis in a can. Anytime I ask them what they want to eat, no matter what time of day it is this is what they ask for. I must admit that I sampled his ravioils and I wasn't that impressed either.

The movie of the night was at the Tandy 10 theater where you can get in for a buck fifty. That's a steal. We watched Disney's remake of the classic Race to Witch Mountain starring the man, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I love this guy. I remember watching him back in the day on WWE Wrestling. First and foremost, he is HOT...and he's a pretty good actor. *LOL* Since this was a family film he kept his shirt on throughout, but there was one point where he was climbing through some sort of incenerator tunnel where we saw an itty bitty bit of belly. It was enough to distract me for just one moment from the family beside us that was harbouring a screaming baby, two babbling youngsters and a father with an obviously unsilenceable cell phone. Why is it that no matter where we sit in the movie theater, we will always be very near a screaming baby and a cell phone?! It just never fails. Why do people bring screaming babies to a movie??? I remember taking Tyler to a movie and he began to scream, I exited the theater and sat out in the lobby with him until the movie was over. Just because my movie experience was ruined, it didnt' mean that I had to ruin every one elses, right?! Who's with me on this one? Can I get an Amen, please!!! Anyhow, the movie was good. It was a great family movie and kept everyone's attention. It was action packed for hubby. "The Rock" for me, err...ummmm...I mean, lots of drama and comedy for me. The kids enjoyed the cool special effects, like when the girl made things float in the air and read the mind of the dog, "Junkyard". We'll definitely add it to our DVD collection when it is released in August.

We got home at bedtime. Since we are planning to leave very early in the morning (around 6ish) I got all of the kiddos clothes laid out and ready. The van is ready to roll out, DVD players ready and movies in tow (THANK GOODNESS for this invention!!!). I laid down with a million thoughts running through my head which usually happens nowadays so I got up and logged on. I began to hear sirens outside. We live fairly far outside of the city, so it's unusual to hear sirens in our neck of the woods. I heard a couple and then some more. Finally upon hearing more sirens, I hopped up to investigate the source. I began to panic a bit wondering if it was cops chasing someone. As I opened the front door, I saw a passing firetruck. I watched him go on front of my house and around the curve beside my house and then the sirens stopped. More panic set in and fear struck as I walked out into the yard and realized that the siren had ended behind my home! The house behind us was on fire!!! As you can see from the picture, the fence is surrounding my back yard. The fire is not that far from us. I could feel the heat radiating from the source as I snapped this picture. Unfortunately I am no photographer, so I couldn't capture a good photo of the blaze in the night. This was after the fire department had been working on it a while. Thankfully it was an abandoned house and no one was hurt. The fire fighters are working dilligently to subside the blaze due to the fact that there are two houses VERY close in proximity! I pray that the firemen accomplish this task swfitly and without any troubles of their own.

Now that I have finished this blog post, maybe I can get back to bed and try to catch some Z's before the alarm starts buzzing in a few hours!

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katherine. said...

I bet the fire was very scary!

Rhiannon use to only want spaghetti-o's...with fresh Parmesan...

hope you got some sleep...and have a good trip.

Sandee said...

I'm so with you on your movie experience. This usually happens to us in a nice restaurant. It's very rude. I swear some folks were born in a barn.

Now I'm hungry for Italian. Yummy.

Have a terrific day. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I remember when I saw "The Two Towers" someone had brought like a four-year-old or something ... the kid started screaming during the scene in the marshes where the ghosts pull Frodo underwater and try to drown him. Now that's some good parenting there!

Desert Songbird said...

Amen, my friend. I don't understand people who don't remove their screaming baby or toddler the minute the kid starts up. I almost had to hurt a woman on Friday night whose toddler kept screaming at the music camp concert. I think she finally got the hint when half of the audience kept glaring at her.