Monday, June 01, 2009

John Wayne - Centennial Collection

My three year old son, Tyler is a hard core cowboy. He loves to ride horses, wear cowboy hats, shirts, and most importantly boots. It's tough this time of the year because he wants to wear shorts, but he doesn't want to wear his tennis shoes with his shorts, he wants to wear his cowboy boots! It's a constant struggle with this child not to commit such a fashion faux pas. While his sisters enjoy watching the standard Disney Channel, he'd rather be watching the Western Channel! He loves to watch "Cowboy Movies". When I think "cowboy", the first person that comes to mind is the King of Cowboys, Mr John Wayne.

Now available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment are two digitally mastered classics, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "El Dorado". Tyler enjoyed El Dorado the best. It was more of a true gun slinging, bar fighting western. The Duke's performance in this classic as the gutsy sheriff's buddy is paramount. The humor in this western is classic as well. There is an amazing cast in this wild west showdown including: James Caan, Charlene Holt, Paul Fix, Ed Asner, Christopher George, & Robert Mitchum. The two disk DVD Centennial Collection is packed with extras including vintage featurettes, the original theatrical trailer, AC Lyles remembers John Wayne, & MUCH much more.

I enjoyed The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance the best of the two, because let's face it we all love a good gun fight where the winner gets the girl! James Stewart plays the a charming big-city lawyer turned lawman determined to rid Shinbone of Valance, and he finds that he has an unlikely ally in the local rancher played by the man himself, John Wayne. The trouble is that they both fall for the same girl. Who will end up getting the bad guy and who will get the girl? If you like westerns, this one is right up your alley. If you don't, I'd suggest watching it anyhow because it's just a good movie and that's that! This DVD is packed with extras, as most are including the original movie trailer, featurettes, and MUCH more. They are available NOW through Paramount Home Entertainment.

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katherine. said...

this is a great post...for me.

my brother as a very young boy strutted around in boots, hat, shorts...and a six shooter. So did one of the The Teamster's sons...

I gave my grampa a few VHS sets of The Duke. He loved those movies. Before his small town had cable I use to tape things off the "Cowboy Channel" and send them to him.

and....The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance has been one of my top ten movies of all time!

this post made me smile...

Tammy said...

My father loved John Wayne movies! I remember watching them with him all the time. When he passed away he left me his John Wayne movie collection.

Travis said...

The only other thing I can remember wanting to be besides a Marine and a football player was Spider-Man and a cowboy.

I love me some western movies and Duke's are among my favorites.