Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thoughts of a tired mommy...

* At least he ran the dishwasher (once) while I was gone (for three days).

* This headache (and the stress accompanying it) is really not fun.

* I think that stress is causing it, but I have been going through a bit of a colon cleanse

*sigh* Men can be so...well, not all men but my man...shaved Tyler's head tonight and cut it with the wrong guard. He scalped the poor kid!!!

* Mother's Day...probably won't get to enjoy a day for me. Selfish - sure but I'm being honest!

* I've learned that I will always be there for my kids (and grand kids when the time comes), no matter what the circumstances. I have both parents to thank for that (and this isn't really a good thing).

* Yes, this post has turned out to be a bitch fest. It's really just how I feel, though.

* Shelby's last day of school is the 18th. I still haven't decided if she will go to daycare of to the office with Emily and I. Is it fair to send one child to daycare in the summer while keeping two with me? I would never get anything done if they were all three there. Shelby is a bit of a help. Oh, the joys of decision making in motherhood.

* Sometimes ya just need a good cry to feel better, even though you may not be able to explain to anyone why.

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pinklotus said...

hi, Tisha... Please check my blog, got something for you!
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Sandee said...

Let's see...If you had come home to a clean house you would feel better now.

You came home tired and nothing was done to help you.

You are back now get all this stuff done. It's your job.

I've been there and done that. Go ahead a cry honey. I did back then. Big hug. :)

Amazing Gracie said...

I realize things are really tough right now, but the fun thing would be to hire a cleaning service for a day - charged to his account (or joint...).
My dad NEVER sat on his can! He shopped, cooked, cleaned, etc., all so my they could both work at our business. When he was at work, she handled it all. This was WAY before women's lib and equality and all that stuff.
THEN - I get married and realized all men are NOT created equal.
Sending love and hugs your way....

Sanni said...

Yes, sometimes you jsut need a good cry, my friend... or go out into the woods and scream "BRATWURST" a few times.

I hope you will be able to enjoy mothersday.
Sadly I won't be able to stop by and wish you a great day from mom to mom on that day, b/c we're moving right now. I hope you'll forgive me :-)

Sadly there will be no internet for weeks in the new home - I promise to work on your tabs inbetween and load them up as soon as I'll be back to Blogland

Take care - looking forward to visit you with a loud "WOO-HOO" when I'll be back online.

star8278 said...

You are SOOOOO allowed to have a bitchfest. I really hope your mom's day is for you. Maybe they will surprise you. If not you are welcome to come to our cookout to celebrate all the mom's in our families.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to vent every now and then. Go ahead and let loose!

Stella said...

Sometimes a bitch fest is the best medicine for a crappy few days!

You go right ahead and bitch...we're here and we get it!!


Twisted Cinderella said...

((hugs)) I get it. Feel free to vent or cry or whatever, we all need to now and then.

Becca said...

I've been making a list of things that annoy me all morning, so I'm there with you. Sometimes it just helps to get it out.

Meanwhile I have a book recommendation for you if you're looking for a tear jerker - Firefly Lane.

Patois said...

I think someone would be very, very, very sad if he was the lone one in daycare.

I hope you're feeling better.

barb said...

This too shall pass. Go ahead and have a good cry. You'll feel better.

Heart of Rachel said...

(((Hugs))) A good cry can give such a great relief.

I really hope that you will get to enjoy Mother's Day.


Nope. You do what you got to do. Boys at that age are active and get bored. Maybe put Shelby in a partial week. 3 or 2 days of daycare and the others with you. It will break up the week for both of you.

I hear you. My mother's days usually stink too. All about my mom

Akelamalu said...

You need some me time but I sure as hell don't know how you're gonna get it! :(

JohnH985 said...

Sometimes you just have to complain, it's help relieve the stress.

Speaking of cutting hair...Not long after I started cutting my own hair I made the same mistake, I ended up cutting my head almost bald. Afterwards I decided though that it made life easier and keep it that way now.