Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ice Skating Birthday Girl on Horseback (or something like that)

Yes, I am still alive. Mickey Mouse didn't kidnap me this weekend @ Disney on Ice. We survived, although I have decided that I should buy the Disney on Ice memorabilia at wholesale prices for my kids by the truck load. I think I could do this and still come out cheaper than I did buying a few things at the show! I did not get to meet up with a fellow blogger. Although she and I had seats fairly close to one another, we never did see each other. It was a crowded place, and we got there right at showtime so we had no time for mingling. I'm sad about it. But, maybe the opportunity will arise that we can meet up again soon. We do live in the same state, so surely it'll happen!!! I took LOTS of photos and I am uploading them to Facebook. As always you can click the photo to take you to the album and see the rest of the pictures (if you haven't seen them already).

After Disney on Ice Saturday, we went to the birthday party for my photogenic niece, Haven. She turned 4 last weekend. We had a fun time with her and the rest of her family. She reminds me so much of my little sister at that age. She's a cutie and the things she says just crack me up. She got upset with her younger brother because he blew the candles out on her cake. After she slapped him she proclaimed that we had to re-sing the birthday song so that she could blow her candles out again. *LOL* She is too funny. I am also putting pictures from her party on Facebook as well. Are you seeing a trend here?

Sunday we had a wonderful afternoon riding horses! Shelby and I rode together on "Blackie" while Tyler rode with his Papaw (my father in law) on "Sierra". Hubby rode on "Delilah". The weather was great. The wind was just enough to keep us cool. We saw turkey and deer while on the trail. I managed to bring home a bit of a sunburn as well. I didn't even think about wearing any sunscreen. I'm not in the sun as much as my children so I got red, but thank goodness they didn't. Shelby is big enough that she can't ride in the saddle with us, but inexperienced enough that we won't let her ride alone. She rode in the "buddy saddle" behind me. I think she had the most comfortable ride in the house!

It looks like I'm taking a drive to Texas this weekend to see some family who I've not seen in a long time. I'm a bit excited and nervous as well. I will set LATSOF to auto post, so be sure to play along and visit one another. I'll try to stop by and see your skies when I get in Sunday or Monday morning. My apologies to Mo for not playing in this week's Manic Monday and to Mary for not posting a Ruby Tuesday photo. It's been a busy week getting prepared for the trip. I hope you all have a beautiful week.

Clicking on the photos in the post will take you to my Facebook page to see the rest in the set.

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Amazing Gracie said...

These are really precious photos - making a lot of memories!
Enjoy your trip to Texas - be safe and have lots of photos for us!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Those are great pics! Have a fun trip!

barb said...

Facebook is quickly evolving. With notes, or RSS feeds or networked blogs, I can see how it could become the only social networking to have! It certainly is much easier to comment and see everyone you want to see!

Anonymous said...

I love watching wild turkeys. They are so funny!

Tammy said...

Have a great trip! :o)

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed too... :(:(:(

We LOVED Disney on Ice,barring the REALLY expensive EVERYTHING else,except for the pack that they tried to sell you when you LEFT.We will definitely be going back!

oooooooooooh horseriding,I havent done that in SO long.My kids have only ever been on a horse at a fair.My dad only has miniatures and they arent broken.

Shes the princess,huh.LOVE the picture of her!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

That picture of Haven is HILARIOUS!! "I'm a princess and it's my birthday so sing the song again darn it!"

LOVE that horseback riding photo!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope you enjoyed watching Disney on Ice with the kids. Sorry you didn't have the chance to meet with another blogger.

Looks like a nice birthday party. Awww, I hope she quickly went back to a good mood after that.

It's nice that you enjoyed horseback riding.

Have a nice trip.

Together We Save said...

I am so jealous you got to go horse back riding. My youngest loves it and we really don't have anywhere to go.

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like you all had a great time even if it was expensive. :)

Desert Songbird said...

I haven't been horseback riding since I was a kid. Brings back great memories.

Siobhán said...

Hi. Landed here via the Black Box.

Travis said...

I had no idea they made child safety seats for saddles! I had to biggie the picture to confirm what I was seeing.

I don't know why I find that cool, but I do!