Saturday, February 21, 2009

DVD Review - High School Musical 3

Which High School Musical 3 cutie gave her co-star a black eye? Who sweated through three prom dresses? Which HSM fella fell over the most on camera? The shameful secrets are all on the newly released HSM 3 on DVD. The DVD not only includes these and more blooper scenes, but also deleted scenes and a sing along.

Shelby and I had a girl's night out with my sister and her daughter the weekend that this movie hit the theaters. We'd watched the other two movies when they debuted on the Disney channel but this was the first movie to hit the big screen. What a brilliant marketing plan on Disney's part! It was fun going to see this movie with my daughter because she is SUCH a HSM fan (remember she was Sharpay for Halloween. We've seen HSM on ice and live on stage!!!

The third installment picks up where HSM 2 left off. Troy, Gabriella, and all of their friends are not only planning their senior prom, graduation, and Spring "Musicale" but they're planning out their lives after high school. Where are they going to go to college? Will Troy go to a college on a basketball scholarship or will he go to the Julliard school of arts? Old friendships and relationships will be tested and new ones formed as three new cast members are introduced. I suspect that there will be a new cast of HSM stars in the near future with the new characters including the very funny "Rocketman".

The soundtrack in this movie is phenomenal. It snagged Billboard's Top honors for Soundtrack of the year. We bought the soundtrack as soon as it was available. It's on my ipod and we listen to it in the truck just about every day. Yup, I can sing just like Gabriella. Well, at least I know all of the words to her songs. My favorites are "Can I Have This Dance" and "I want it all."

This is a high energy movie with awesome new songs and fantastic dance numbers. If you enjoyed the first two, I guarantee you'll like this one! For more information on this movie, click here to go straight to the movie site.

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Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Thanks for blogging about this... My 9 yr old and I love HSM...(my teenager does too though she would kill me if she knew I advertised that!!! ) My daughter saw a private screening of HSM3 for a b-day party but i have yet to see it. Gonna buy it this weekend!

Your Best Friend said...

I want to watch this but my family thinks I'm crazy. As soon as I get a chance to rent it though, I'm bringing it home!

Amanda said...

Watching it as we speak! :) My teens and I saw it 8 or 9 times in the theater, now we're so happy to be able to watch it any time we want. I agree, fantastic soundtrack! We bought the Wii Disney Sing It as well, so we can REALLY sing with Gabriella and Troy!

Anonymous said...

OMG I just downloaded the soundtrack for "Bruce's" iPod! I like Can I Have This Dance too & Now or Never :)

Bruce likes Scream & The Boys Are Back :)

Becca said...

Sounds like a great girls night for you guys!!