Saturday, February 14, 2009

DVD Review - Blindness

Blindness is now available on DVD from Miramax films. Hubby and I watched this one last night after the kiddos went to bed and I was glad we waited. I thought it was more of a horror movie than it was. When an epidemic of blindness hits a major city, all of the victims are quarantined. The wife of an eye doctor fakes blindness in order to stay with her husband who is afflicted. Julianne Moore plays the wife while Mark Ruffalo is her husband. This movie also stars Danny Glover. Julianne Moore attracted me to this movie. She is a fabulous actress and I love her work. The plot of this movie was intriguing however, the violence, language, and sex in this movie was way over the top so make sure that you watch this one after the kids are in bed. I'd give it a C+ mainly because it was a bit too dark for me and the plot seemed a bit slow. I probably wouldn't have watched it if it hadn't been for Julianne Moore.

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