Friday, December 26, 2008

Horton Hears A Who

Shelby and I watched Fox Home Entertainment's Horton Hears A Who back in March on it's opening night. The theater was crowded and the traffic in and out of the parking lot was miserable but the movie was great. Here's what I wrote, "I must say that Jim Carrey blew me away in this one, folks even though I have never been a huge fan of Mr Carrey. He is the voice of the main character in this movie, a rather large and loving elephant named Horton. He does a great job at portraying such a loving character whose motto is, "I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elephant's faithful, one hundred percent". I'm sure that most of you are familiar with Dr Seuss' book and know that Horton hears a voice from a dust speck floating through the jungle. Horton has to save the entire village of Whoville after being convinced by the mayor (voiced by Steve Carell) of it's impending doom without his help. It really is a great movie with a wonderful underlying motto, "A person's a person, no matter how small". We all enjoyed it and I would say it's worth a trip to a crowded theater."

Horton Hears a Who is now available on DVD. For more information on this Fox Home Entertainment DVD, you can click here to enter their website.

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